opalbeifxng asked:


Send me an OTPand I will give you my headcanon of:

  • Who’s the messiest one: Bolin by far. He sometimes just forgets he made the mess in the first place because he was so hungry, or he got distracted by dressing so he left the towel on the floor.
  • Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: I don’t think either really, but Bolin gets tired of the jokes Mako cracks and Opal airbends things at Wing and Wei when they start their shit up.
  • Who’s the funniest drunk: Opal but only because its so unexpected.
  • Who texts the most: Bolin. He likes to send Opal sweet little reminders about how he feels because he is a sap ball.
  • Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Ooohhh…probably olin. I feel like he’d get into really girly pop because of how fun it is. 
  • Who reads the most: Opal, Bolin prefers movers.
  • Who’s better with kids: They’re both fantastic with them.
  • Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Bolin tries - makes it worse - and then when he isn’t looking Opal fixes them for good. She doesn’t wanna make him feel like he failed or anything.
  • Who’s got the weirdest hobby: Bolin and his fascination with making Pabu do circus tricks.
  • Who cooks and who cleans up: Opal cooks, Bolin tries too but he’s not as good. And when she does cook a giant meal, he cleans up and does the dishes. It’s only fair.