Desiree Dallagiacomo and Justin Lamb - “The Friend Zone”

"Thinking you are owed something for not being an asshole… makes you an asshole."ย 

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Happy halloween everyone!! Be sure to stay safe and watch out for one another! Be nice to the younger crowd, show them a little love + patience, and remember to have a super wonderful timeย 


I’m surprised by the number of people who are disappointed with the new DHMIS, but at the same time I’m not. Personally, I love the slightly different direction it took. It didn’t end in an all-out gore-fest like the other two, but it still managed to be creepy in its own way. Plus, I found it hilarious! Also, I don’t mind the singing character not being an inanimate object. Sure, the first two were, but since DHMIS emulates children’s shows to some extent it would be normal for a character like a butterfly to do the singing role.

Basically, I can totally understand why everyone expected an inanimate object to sing, even I did, but I don’t find the singing butterfly disappointing because he still fits.

And like I said before, the DHMIS videos don’t necessarily have to end with the traffic light trio being tortured or murdered. DHMIS 3 had the yellow puppet end in quite a bit of trouble, but not the others. In fact, the bird and the red guy were the perpetrators of the gore content in their parts. I think a lot of people expected it to follow the formula of DHMIS 2, in which the traffic light trio were harmed grotesquely by the singing character. In DHMIS 1, however, the trio themselves actually remained unharmed throughout the video and were the perpetrators of the gore and horror towards the end.

To sum up that last paragraph, it sort of went both ways, having the yellow guy as a victim and the red guy and bird as perpetrators in different scenes.

Really, we only had two videos to go by to predict what the third would be like, so I think maybe we shouldn’t be too shocked that it’s a little different.

On November 1,
I have rested a garland of flowers
next to your burial ground,

Analogous to the lifeless physique
sleeping in the thick layers of soil,
I thought they will
become withered like how I study the errors
on my flesh as days turned into weeks,
or another feeling of a shredded
calendar crawling back inside my memory.

And here, I came back again.
Countless and genuine drops of tears might
have watered those flowers I gave to you
that it grew to be impervious from withering.


Alright I did a Kokoro no Placard video. Itโ€™s pretty crappy, I mean it has only about 15 seconds me actually dancing but I tried. I mean it was the end of the nite, after 2 parties, I was tired and kind of out of it, hell Iโ€™m not even wearing my full costume. But I remembered I said Iโ€™d try to shoot a KNP video so here it is. If you want to use it, cool. If not, cool. Either way, enjoy!


NeลŸet ErtaลŸ - Haydar Haydar

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Shell bell

Shell Bell: List five things that make you smile
1. Pokemon 2. sunny weather!! 3. when my friends message me first 4. wrapping myself up in a blanket that just came out of the dryer omg 5. seeing really good fanart of my fave characters

thank you for asking!!


Photos by HaiOu 120 camera
1st coordination
jsk & headdresses & parasol & shoes: babyssb
Blouse: Krad Lanrete
Socks: Angelic Pretty

2nd coordination
JSK & Blouse & Bag: Alice & the Pirates
Shoes: Babyssb