The Day it Happened

Eridan went to bed on night feeling as normal as he could ever be, snoring loud like always as he sprawled over his cashmere bedding, his blankets and pillows scattered. 

Soft music played from his radio, soothing him as he stayed asleep though through this particular night he grew hotter in body temperature, sweat beading at his forehead and falling down his quickly paling face. 

Suddenly, as if someone slapped him across his pale, sweaty face, Eridan shot up with a gasp, looking around with his partially blind, wide eyes. He panted and gripped at his pyjama top.

He made a weak whining sound and coughed as he attempted to regain his breath. He slowly slid out of bed, turning on his bedside lamp and grabbing his glasses. He looked around again before he began slowly making his way to his en suite.

Now, earlier that week he had gotten his most recent sopor injection because his mother thought he was getting sick. Eridan thought maybe it was just nausea from said sopor.

He pushed into the bathroom, flicking the light switch on and sighing shakily as the cool air of the bathroom surrounded him. Eridan looked to the toilet and shook his head. 

He moved to look at himself in the mirror as always and blinked when he saw how pale he was. “Holy shit…” He mumbled moving his hands over his face, wiping sweat from his cheeks. 

Eridan shook his head and let out a breath as his hands moved through his floppy hair. His fingers felt something above his ears hard and rubbery as he did this a shot of pain began beating on the edges of his ears, throbbing angrily. 

Eridan pulled his hands away and blinked, furrowing his brows in confusion before moving his finger up along his ear again. Eridan winced at the sudden pain again. 

A new pain suddenly formed and it felt like his ears were moving on their own. He groaned and slouched against the counter. 

He turned his head to see what was wrong but as he saw what was on his ears words left him, his jaw dropping and fear painting his face.

Eridan scrambled to find another mirror, holding it up, his hands shaking wildly as he tried to steady his grasp to get a view of what was happening. 

He saw purple tinged skin pushing out from his ears, more of the purple skin webbing in-between. They grew as he stared, spreading out to grow all along his ear’s edge. 

Eridan threw the mirror to the floor, listening to it shatter, his head throbbing in pain from the growing fin-like appendages. Eridan fell backwards, stepping away from the mirror. 

He fell into his tub, his head bumping the wall hard. Anger and pain filled his head even more, his eyes squeezing closed to shut out the bright lights of his bathroom. 

When he opened his eyes his hands were a pinkish red and the shower curtain was burning. 

Eridan screamed in fear and tried to move from the tub again, crawling out and hitting the door as the fire spread over his carpets. “MOM!” He screamed, fiddling with the door handle and falling through the door and onto his bedroom floor. 

"DAD!" He screeched, watching the flames grow. What did he do? What was happening?

The pain was unbearable and the fear was consuming his judgement. He was angered by his weakness in the back of his mind and as the anger of pain and weakness surged through him his bed sheets shot to flame. 

"SOMEBODY!" Eridan cried out, tears falling down his cheeks.