∗* feels like home — sehun & naeun.

it had been months— senior year is bound to end in a couple of months and yet sehun feels as if he isn’t read to bid goodbye. high school had never been a second home like it claimed itself to be though good memories had been stocked up in every corner of the hall. through homecomings and football games, ex-girlfriends and failed exams; none of it would have had added value had it not been for his best friend.

it hasn’t been easy coping up with the devastating death and a part of him is traumatized for what happened. he wasn’t supposed to be taken away so quickly, not when he had so many dreams built at the forth for himself. he hasn’t touched a single can of beer since the night the news broke out, cursing it as the cause along the careless driver that struck the car he was driving.

they say saturdays are rest days but not today— it’s his birthday and regardless of the rainy weather and the musky road, he has to come and visit him at the graveyard. it’s the only way he’ll feel satiated. 

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