Episode 98: "Weed vs. Alcohol"
  • Episode 98: "Weed vs. Alcohol"
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  • Shootin' It

Shootin’ It | Episode 98: “Weeds vs. Alcohol”

Gary Miller takes the reins as host for the 98th episode of Shootin’ It. But don’t get it twisted, Jayme is still present – just as cohost. 

The duo discuss: MDMA, Weed vs. Alcohol - and their positive/negative effects on people, Jayme’s involvement in two new shows (What’s Poppin’ & Convenience Store Diet), Gary’s beef with feminists, affirmative action, Kenney’s encounter with Killer Mike, and the prospect of having children.

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The signs as Graham Norton Eurovision Quotes

Aries: oh you gave us three points, now I won’t be rude about your jacket

Taurus: the song means ‘don’t forget’ but I’m afraid we will

Gemini: well that wasn’t embarrassing at all

Cancer: it’s like the gay wedding I’ll never have

Leo: apparently there’s a real shortage of Botox in Montenegro, I don’t know why

Virgo: I blame Game of Thrones for this staging

Libra: the UK might be in for a chance, you never know

Scorpio: it’s 3 minutes you’ll never get back, but think of it this way you’ll never have to hear it again

Sagittarius: this will be the longest minute of your life

Capricorn: oh it’s gone in my wine

Aquarius: you still there? it’s over

Pisces: we built a tunnel to your country


We’re pretty sure Chris Pratt could walk around Essex and pass for a local.