Entertainment Weekly Special Feature: Bethyl

I’ve been meaning to finish this weeks ago, when they released this EW issue, but I got dumped with stupid real life stuff so it took a while. Also, been trying to make another Bethyl art at the same time. So yeah, practically I’m killing myself, but hey, Bethyl is always a good pain lol, anyway, since we, unfortunately, didn’t get any Bethyl and Beth from that EW feature, I made a fix. I couldn’t make it the exact same style they did with the covers bc it’d require multiple shots of them in action, so I just settled with this.

Another gift for my fellow Bethylers. I hope you like it.

Keep the faith! Beth is going to kick some major ass in season 5 and prove the haters wrong. And Daryl would stand beside her, grinning and proud ;)

Bethyl on!

the fact that
  • Norman & Emily got seated together at Comic Con
  • AMC ships/promotes the hell out of Bethyl:



  • also this from AmandaTVScoop:


  • Emily, Norman & Greg Nicotero went out for a concert
  • Norman basically shutting down C@ryl (Does Daryl see Carol as a Love Interest or a Mother Figure?” NR: “Neither!”)
  • everybody constantly praising and supporting Bethyl (my lovely Bethylers i’m sure you know what quotes i mean)
  • a turtle love note in Emily’s apartment exists
  • on-set songs like “drowning man” or “very nervous and love” played
  • TTD showed us this:


…practically SCREAMS canon.

who’s with me?

P.T. Special Stage @Tokyo Game Show with Hideo Kojima

Just attended P.T. Special Stage at the KONAMI booth in Tokyo Game Show 2014. 

Hideo Kojima began explaining what P.T. was to him by saying that it was an experiment for him. As you guys might know he is a horrow movie fanatic, and he said that he personally thought that there were no games that achieved to portray the fear that the horror films convey.

He wanted to make a REALLY SCARY game, and he wanted to know if people would be scared even if the game was credited to some unknown production company. so that is why he chose to make up a fake name for the studio (7780s).


He also mentioned that in order to really beat P.T., you’d have to know 7 languages, but I’m assuming you guys know all that so I will skip.

Koichiro Ito also joined the stage and talked about how they had to make the game easier to beat toward the end of production, because KONAMI guys were worried that gamers would never beat it. (WRONG) Ito said that there were far more randomness and some way harder mysteries to solve. 



This concept movie was created just for internal purposes (to convince KONAMI that Kojima can do horror, i guess) and was not meant to be shown. Seriously, it’s amazing. Go watch it now. 

As KONAMI booth in TGS this year was mainly set up for MGS Phantom Pain, the interviewer asked Kojima how he campares P.T. with his MGS series. 

He said that the player doesn’t get to do anything s/he wishes to do in P.T. but walk and zoom occasionally, and that limitation is where the true fear comes from. He also said that in P.T., he didn’t want any creatures or monsters to appear (I guess Lisa doesn’t count for a monster) because he wanted a “normal, simple, ordinary hallway” to be the scariest thing one can experience. (and it is)

He went on to promise the audience that Silent Hills will be SCARY. and usually, games are meant to be beaten, so there will be hints and “flags” to be noticed, but this game actually allows the players to quit. Kojima said that if somebody played the game for only 10 minutes and quit playing because it was too creepy and scary for her/him, then he achieved his purpose. He also said that it will be released episodically like The Walking Dead series from Telltale. 


As for Norman Reedus’ part, Kojima mentioned that the game will portray “Norman Reedus that we’ve never seen before. It will not be like the Boondock Saint Norman, nor the Daryl Dixon Norman. It will be something very different.” To that I’d like to say- I WONDER WHAT THAT MEANS JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

At the end of the show Kojima said afterall, he’d like to make a true horror piece that will scare the players to the point they shit their pants, but at the same time he’d like to convey the message that “humans are strong, and encourage the players.” He explained saying that at the ending scene of the Exorcist, we are shown how strong human can be (I think he is refering to the selfless act of Damien Karras). He believes that fear is supposed to be something beautiful, and horror culture has enriched our lives in that aspect.

My PC is running out of battery so I will stop here but just wanted to say if anybody is around Tokyo and if you like horror you’d definitely wana attend this P.T. Special Stage at KONAMI in TGS!!




"Daryl implies that he has feelings for her" ~ regarding Beth
"over time, his initial disdain for Beth’s naivete is replaced with deeper feelings for her…." ~ "his" means Daryl

From the Season 5 synopsis:
Stories will break apart and intersect. The characters will find love and hate. Peace and conflict. Contentment and terror….”

Walking Dead AMC Tweet - “Will Daryl find Beth?”, Walking Dead FB posting of Beth’s pic: “Missing Beth Green: If found, please return to Daryl Dixon”…

Scott Gimple says Daryl’s already found familial love and he believes Daryl will find amorous love…

Try to tell me it’s about another character of which Norman’s said Daryl does not see as a love interest (Carol) and I’ll tell you Kim Kardashian is a Rhoades Scholar