A little holiday Spirit

I’m thinking of you guys tonight, and throughout this holiday season. It can be a weird time of year for some of us, with its long gloomy nights, awkward reunions and/or lonely websurfing, stressful gift expectations, and the horror of that one bizarre dish that that one well-meaning relative always brings and no one touches. I hope you’re doing well and that everybody’s neurotransmitters are within proper tolerance levels.

You might want to check out today’s site update for a little look at a ghost of Tarkir past — it might bring you some holiday cheer even if your aunt’s glistening thing in the gelatin mold won’t.


We have some amazing things planned for 2015. We sort of wrap gifts all year round, and I’m excited for you to unwrap them! See you soon.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I’m sorry the Christmas Special is late, it will be here before New Year, I hope. In the meantime have some inexplicable Royal Christmas decorating.

The motif of Christmas in Dishonored fanart (considering Christianity doesn’t exist in the setting) always bugged me. Although I love the Christmasy art people draw. It’s just each time I see it a little voice in my head goes “HERESY HERESY HERESY”… oh, there he goes again…

For someone who has no skill whatsoever, no art, technical, or analytical skill, I’ve done rather well on tumblr