Tuesday Tips — creating a simple gif for Tumblr

It’s really fun and simple.  It takes 3 steps

1.  Resize image to 500 px width.  If you’re image larger than 500 pixels, tumblr will NOT play your gif.

2.  Open Animation Window (it’s under Window, then click on Animation)
add layer on each frame, turn on the ones that you want to show, and adjust the timing on each frame.  You can add quite a few of these.  But if your file is too large, tumblr will not play it properfly.  Also, I like to set mine to FOREVER, so it keeps going on a loop.

3.  Save for Web and Devices.  Make sure it’s a gif file.

Have fun!  And give yourself a treat and have a pumpkin cheesecake on this wonderful national Holiday!!!!

Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!!!!


Haunted History Time!
If you like haunted historic places & things then this is for you! It’s a list of links to most of the haunted history posts I’ve made over the past few years. Also, from now until Halloween, I’ll be posting at least one new haunted historic place or thing per day. I hope you enjoy & let me know if you have any haunted history requests? Thanks for following & Happy Early Halloween!

The Real Dracula’s Castle and yes, it’s haunted!

Ireland’s Gate to Hell: Oweynagat (The Cave of Cats)

The Medieval Vampire Pirate Mayor of Sozopol

The Black Shuck of Peddars Way, Norfolk

17th Century Pendle Witch’s Cottage with a Bricked-in Mummified Cat

Ghosts of Dunnottar Castle

Witch Bottle, England, Circa 16th-17th Century

Witch Protection Sign in Colchester Castle, Essex

Paranormal Phenomena at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Ghosts and Death Omens at Brodick Castle

The Haunting of Hermitage Castle

Irish turnip Jack-o’-lantern, Early 20th Century

Haunted Inchdrewer Castle

Paranormal activity in the Roman Colosseum

Crook of Devon Witch Trials & Tullibole Castle

Sir Walter Scott and the Baldoon Castle Ghost

Haunted Borthwick Castle

The Black Dog of Ogrodzieniec Castle, Poland

The Ghost of Wicked Jimmy, The Gloomy Earl of Lowther Castle

The Ghostly Hound of Barnbougle

Phantom Hitchhiker at Nunney Castle, Somerset

Melrose Abbey: Vampires, Wizards and Ghosts…oh my!

Haunted and Cursed Edinample Castle

Haunted Menzies Castle

The Phantom Horse of Old Castle Lachlan

The Vampire of Alnwick Castle

Ghosts of Dunstanburgh Castle

Haunted Spynie Palace

Ghosts & Omens at the Wine Tower, Kinnaird Head

The Ghost of Queen Katherine Parr at Sudeley Castle

Haunted Glamis Castle

Dunskey Castle Ghosts

The Ghost of Barcaldine Castle, Scotland

The Ghosts of Bamburgh Castle

The Two Ghosts of Ardvreck Castle

Schiehallion - The Fairy Mountain

The Ghost of Ackergill Tower

Bunchrew House & Ghost

The Ghost of Rait Castle

The Witch Tree

Haunted Knock Castle, Isle of Skye

Loch Leven Castle and Mary, Queen of Scots

Ghosts and Legends of Ardvreck Castle and Calda House

Doonagore Castle and The Haunted Beach

Duffus Castle: Ghosts and a Big Cat

The Last Witch’s Tree

The Green Lady of Crathes Castle

Egyptian Effigy ‘Voodoo’ Doll, C. 3rd-4th Century AD

Hecate, the goddess of… Trick or Treating?

Coligny (Celtic) Calendar, the Origin of Halloween

(P.S. I have no idea why this is showing up as all caps on my blog, sorry about that. It looks normal on my dashboard though.  I can’t seem to fix it.)

This was a photograph my Aunt took after she moved to her new house in North Wales, 1995. She isn’t a believer in the paranormal, so was nonchalant toward neighbours telling her that it was haunted by the ghosts of children who were apparently murdered by their jealous step-father.

On this day, she was about to get in the car to drive to the zoo with her kids when her youngest asked “why do the scared children always want us to be quiet?” and pointed to the nursery window. She saw nothing, took her camera out her bag that was all ready for the zoo trip, and took the photograph to reassure her son that the camera never lies and there would be nothing there.

When she went to pick up the developed photos from the zoo the next day, she had forgotten all about the incident about “the pale children”.- After gazing upon the terrifying photograph, she put the house up for sale as soon as she could.

He Has a Five Star Rating on Yelp

The therapist was old and friendly and spoke in a grandfatherly manner. He explained his method quite simply: He was going to use what he called hypnotic aversion therapy. I didn’t really buy into the whole hypnotism thing, but I was running out of options. My wife had been clear: It was the cigarettes or her. So I relented. I snickered a bit when he lit incense and hummed while rubbing my temples but after a while I relaxed. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting. He handed me a cigarette and asked me to light it and take the biggest drag I could. I wasn’t sure how this was going to help me quit but I also relished one last puff.

I put the cigarette in my mouth, lit it, and breathed in. Immediately my mouth erupted in pain as I felt thousands of insects flooding into my mouth. Smoldering maggots, fiery spiders, and other blazing nastiness crawled over my blistering tongue and down my throat. The creatures filled my lungs, burning and biting, nesting and setting the air ablaze. I tried to scream but all that came out were strangled puffs of ash. My panicked cries died out as my vocal cords turned to charred tangles of meat. Then the world went dark.

I awoke screaming, the fresh air filling my untouched lungs. My therapist smiled and asked me how I felt. I couldn’t answer. I just stared at him wild-eyed, wrote out a check, and left. For about a week, I was furious but I’ll have to admit, I haven’t touched a cigarette ever since. Then again, I haven’t slept much either.


Prophetic Dreams: Seeing the Future - Dreams of famous people that saw the future and even saved lives


Why we dream is still largely a mystery. “Dreams have fascinated philosophers for thousands of years,” says psychology expert, Kendra Cherry, “but only recently have dreams been subjected to empirical research and concentrated scientific study. While many theories have been proposed, no single consensus has emerged.”

Yet we know that not all dreams are alike. Some are amusing, some terrifying. Some have definite storylines, like a movie or TV show, while others are erratic, random and confusing. Some dreams are vague and elusive, while some are sharp, lucid, and quite unforgettable. Some seem like utter nonsense, while others seem to have profound meaning or messages for our lives.


Then there are rare dreams that appear to predict the future. Back in 2001, a reader wrote to me about a disturbing dream she had about her brother, who lived 1,500 miles away in Vermont. “In my dream, my brother was at his friend’s house,” she wrote. “They had been ice fishing all day. It was getting late so he left to drive home. About 35 miles from his friend’s house, there was a sharp curve in the road. Just as my brother was coming to the curve, his brakes went out. He lost control and went off the road his truck flipped over three times before coming to rest on its roof. All I could see after that was blood.”

The woman woke up in tears. The next morning, she called her brother, but there was no answer. When she called her sister, the news was just as she feared. “My brother had, in fact, been in a horrible car accident. It had happened around 11 o’clock the night before. He had been on his way home from his friend’s house and lost control of his truck trying to turn a curve in the road. His brakes had failed. What shocked me the most was when I saw the pictures of the accident scene: everything was exactly the same as in the dream.”

How can this be explained? Skeptics contend that such dreams are examples of “confirmation bias” – we have lots of dreams, most of which are meaningless so we forget about them, but we remember the ones that come true. That certainly could be right for many cases, but does it sound right for the experience related above in which every detail was dreamed before it happened – or perhaps as it was happening?

There have been many cases of prophetic dreams experienced and documented by famous people. Here are just a few of them:

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(via Most Terrifying Locations On Earth)The Screaming Bridge At least 36 people were reported dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Ghostly figures, mists, and lights have been seen, as well as black hooded figures and a phantom train. According to the legend, a man and woman were held up on top of the bridge while travelling on a car. At first the man got out to get help to save the woman but she died, later the man also died…

Airline Pilots Reportedly Witnessed a "Flying Man" Near Manchester Airport?

On June 13th, 2014 at 1:30 p.m., two pilots of an Airbus A320 were left scratching their heads after they witnessed what they described as a “flying man”. The sighting occurred mid-flight at around 3,500 feet. The two pilots say the man came within 100 meters (328 feet) of the plane as they were flying over Macclesfield and coming in to land at Manchester Airport. At first, the two thought he might be a paraglider, but neither saw a canopy. There were no signs of the mysterious man on the radar, and in addition to the fact that there were no known paragliders, parachutists or balloonists in the area at the time, experts from the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association came out and said the weather conditions at the time would’ve made it impossible for a lone flyer to be out in the area. The flying man has since been dubbed the “Superman of Macclesfield”.

Officials at the UK Airprox Board, which investigates near-misses in British airspace, say the mystery may never be solved. “The board agreed that it was unfortunate that there was really no information that could lead to identifying the unknown object.” The conclusion of the report read, “This was frustrating to both the board and the pilots concerned, who had clearly seen something or someone, but there was no way or corroborating what they had reported.” The reported also added that the flight crew “couldn’t be certain if it wasn’t a person-shaped balloon”.

I’m honestly not sure what it was these pilots saw. It could’ve been one of those alien beings known as ‘flying humanoids’, or it could’ve been a human-shaped balloon. I’m interested to hear your theories as to what this “flying man” could’ve been. Was it an alien being? A human-shaped balloon? A daredevil paraglider? Could their minds have been playing tricks on them?


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