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I was working in a pub today, and an old man and his wife were sat at the bar showing everybody this picture. According to them it was taken at an old textiles mill, now a museum, in my area. The man claims to be a sceptic, as does his wife, but neither of them can find a way to explain this picture. They claim that the seats behind the man were empty when this picture was taken, but a hand and face are clearly visible. I thought this was really cool and wanted to share it with everyone

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

I had the pleasure of getting to know Satish Ruia when we went to India.  He is the most graceful host.  And Ganesha is his favorite god.  He is the elephant-headed, remover of obstacles and the god of beginnings and wisdom.  

There are some important symbolism in Ganesha stature.  His large head symbolize thinking big, while his small eyes symbolize concentration.  The rope on his left hand removes obstacle.  The sweets on his lower left hand is the reward of a wise life.  His large ears means he listen more.  The ax on his right hand cut unhealthy attachments.  He only have one tusk, because he sacrifice one for a good cause.  And he bless those in the right path with his lower right hand.  His large belly means contentement, for the good and the bad.  The banana symbolize material wealth when you pursue the right path and the whole world is at your feet for your asking.  The mouse symbolize desire that can cause havoc if you don’t keep it under control.

Hope your having a great Ganesha Chaturthi!


Ourang Medan – The Death Ship
- Unsolved Mysteries

- The rapid dit’s and dah’s tapped out on the receiver – Morse code. Although the sender must have being frantic, the electric pulses came across in a smooth steady stream. Two American vessels making their way through the strait of Malacca received the troubling message:

"All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead."

A brief pause followed by more code, this time indecipherable. As the nonsense pulses gave way, a final disturbing message is received:

"I die."

Silence followed.

It was 1947 and the troubled Dutch merchant ship ‘Ourang Medan’ was about to make it into the lists of great unsolved mysteries.

With such urgency in the message, not to mention the dire situation it described, the American ‘Silver Star’ set off to locate the Ourang Medan.

Within hours the Ourang Medan came into sight, drifting lazily in the water. For all intent and purposes the Ourang Medan looked to be completely undamaged. After several attempts to hail the crew went unanswered a decision to board the vessel was made.

A boarding party was assembled and sent across to see what was going on. As the party made their way on deck, they came across a truly bizarre and frightening spectacle. The decks were littered with the bodies of the Ourang Medan’s crew. They lay on their backs, their eyes were open looking to the sky, and their arms were outstretched towards the sun. Even the ships dog was found dead.

There were no visible injuries found on any of the bodies, and nor were there any survivors. Below deck more bodies were found, including that of the communication officer who had sent the messages that were received by the Silver Star. The captain was found on the bridge, as were his officers.

When searching the boiler room of the ship the party noticed that it was incredibly chilly there, the rest of the ship was quite warm, even hot.

An investigation was to get under way immediately, however a mysterious fire broke out below deck, and as the boarding party were unable to contain it, they left the ship. Soon after the ship exploded and slowly sank into the deep.

No one would ever know what occurred on that ship, to kill off the entire crew.

However, just because it is not certain as to what took place, it does not mean there are no theories floating about.

A number of people have theorised that there may have been a cargo of hazardous chemicals on board the ship. Perhaps some salt water had reacted with the chemicals, causing gasses that asphyxiated the crew, and also the same reactions may have generated enough heat to start the fire and subsequent explosion.

Perhaps the fire itself was to blame, that carbon monoxide and other noxious smoke and vapours had killed the crew (and of course resulted in the explosion).

Could the ship have been smuggling nerve agents through the Indonesian waters, maybe a leak in such cargo killed the crew?

Then of course there are all manner of explanations from the paranormal realm – extraterrestrials, spirits from the deep, curses… anything else you care to mention.

Finally there is the most accepted explanation of all – that there never was a Ourang Medan in the first place, that the events never took place and it is all just a sea bound urban legend. Although some aspects of the story can be proven, that the Silver Star (at the time named Santa Juana) was in those waters at the time of the incident, and that there had been several records from that time, there were no published documentation about the event until a full four years after it was supposed to have happened.

Regardless, it makes for a good tale, either as an unsolved mystery or an urban legend.

Ashley Hall 2013

Photos: Santa Juana, the ‘Silver Star’ of the story.
Inset left: A photo many websites claim to be of the Ourang Medan.
Inset right: Was it a chemical release that killed the crew?

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Comforting Touch

My great grandparents owned a plot of land in a forested area and had built a tiny cabin there, not big enough for much more than a cot or two, but the loved it, my great grandma especially. When they died they left it to my grandpa who promptly brought a larger trailer up there so staying there could be more comfortable, however my grandpa refused to allow dogs in the trailer. So whenever I went up with my parents, we would keep the dogs in the cabin overnight and one of us would sleep with them.

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Take a #SelfieWithNorm.
Well, kind of. Let us explain.
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That’s where you come in. We’re squatting on @NormAbramTOH and we’ve got (not one, but) TWO amazing downloadable Norm faces available here and here. Here’s the plan: Let’s show Norm some love by tweeting our funniest, coolest #SelfieWithNorm photos and HOPEFULLY our outpouring of affection will get him to take over the account we’ve set aside for him.
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The Coventry Spectre
- Paranormal Photos – Fact or Fiction

- January 22nd, 1985 – the Coventry Freemen organisation and their guests stand in prayer during a dinner event. All the guests are still and as it was a dark room so the photographer probably thought it would be the perfect time to allow for a longer than usual exposure to get enough light into the picture.

Nothing was though out of the ordinary at the time but as people started to see the print of the picture a mystery surfaced. Who was the robed figure standing near the end of one of the tables?

No one had dressed up for the event, no one remembers anyone standing there as they stood for prayer. The figure also seems to be taking part in the prayer, head slightly bowed, hands clasped in front.

St Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry, Warwickshire, is where the event was hosted. It has many legends of ghosts and paranormal goings on – apparitions of a grey lady, a girl in a blue dress, strange lights and a monk. Could this photo have captured one of these ghosts.

This photo is often included as one of the top ten best ghost photos but some people disagree, maybe it is two people standing close together, their features merging on the film during the long exposure?

What do you think?
Does this photo show some the ghost monk that has been reported about the location?
Or is it somehow a light anomaly?
Or do you think it is a set up, a complete fake?
Something else entirely?
Fact or Fiction, you decide!

Ashley Hall 2013
Photo: The original photo.
Insets: Closer zoom with each one.

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today I spoke with a girl who said that Bring Me The Horizon pits are the heaviest. :\

Yeah they’re heavy because of all the fucking dumbshits that think the pit is a place to practice their stupid hardcore dance kung fu moves and end up kicking somebody in the fucking face. They need to get their asses handed to them I tell ya hwat!


Just the truth.

I saw a post similar to this from shecouldfitbetweentheraindrops not too long ago, and it really inspired me to follow up on this post I have been wanting to write.

If you claim things and think you have a disorder, it’s most likely not too accurate. “I’m suicidal, I must have borderline, etc” for example. “I get angered easily, I must have borderline.”

People who actually have it for the most part do not go throwing it around. They don’t ‘want’ it, nor do they label themselves like that, nor do they just look it up and assume. It’s a huge struggle. Not to mention you literally can’t “self diagnose.”

It’s important for people to understand that you don’t have to have a disorder to struggle. Having a depression disorder and dealing with depression are different, having mood change struggles and having bipolar is different, and so on. It doesn’t mean you don’t need help or treatment. It doesn’t invalidate you. You don’t “need” one, nor should you want one. It’s sort of like a smack in the face towards those who do have it if you just go around thinking or claiming you have it just because you’re struggling.

Looking at criteria and self-diagnosing will almost always be wrong. Simply, those are guidelines. Professionals really know what it’s about, how deep it can go, and take into consideration age, other struggles, other disorders, medical issues, hormone issues, maybe a drug/food reaction, etc etc. Professionals diagnose. Professionals know the difference, they are professionals.

If you look at the symptoms of cancer, for example, it says fatigue, weight loss, and so on. I have struggles with those things, and going around saying I have cancer would be pretty much the same as someone going around  saying they have BPD or some other disorder because they can relate to it. That’s how it looks to many others, people who have it and a disorder, and professionals. BPD is a chronic disorder and is born, for one.

I am not discouraging someone to seek help, not at all. I highly encourage people to seek help. Do not suffer in silence. Disorder or not, pretty much everyone deserves help! Just know self diagnosing is actually pretty insulting, and I’ve seen lots actually seem like they “want it” or think it’s something unique. Some have wanted attention. Others seriously assume they do.

Not saying you’re not allowed to have suspicions.  I won’t pull out the possibility of someone being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and them thinking they might, I know shit can happen! .… I know people can research and really really understand- I know not everyone can get diagnosed- it doesn’t magically mean you do or don’t have something- especially not being able to afford, but most people who think they have it or think they understand, don’t. While if I were a doctor and would value someones thought of just what they can relate to if they mention anything at all as it can help gain an understanding, and it is important to not just think “they have no input at all”… I’d still be really suspicious of someone that comes in and throws a self diagnosis at me. Like, what?
Lots don’t see it’s not simply a list of feelings or behaviors one has had before, it’s a list of severe symptoms. Things are so broad and complex in BPD specifically, most wouldn’t understand the difference and pattern and severity and the differences in disorders and all. Not to mention it is a chronic disorder, not just a personality quirk.|

Plus with disorders, lacking insight is a hallmark. Lots don’t realize their behavior, especially in BPD. Or they don’t see it all.

"So I looked at the criteria and can relate, so I think I have it."
No, it is more than that.
I have explained my disorder to some and I have had the, “Oh well I felt that before so I might it” reaction. I’ve seen that on here a lot too. Like no, you haven’t. People don’t get it.

Self harm isn’t an accurate way to determine as self harm isn’t “required” for any mental disorder, nor is one by itself.

Being insecure and fearing abandonment/rejection is not an accurate way to determine it on your own. It is SO much more than that.

Being impulsive doesn’t mean you have borderline, especially depending on other influences, age, and just your flat out personality.

Being sensitive and then hypersensitivity in BPD are different.

Unstable relationships on its own is CERTAINLY not just BPD. It can just happen as a result of symptoms, but even that isn’t guaranteed.

Emptiness can occur in other disorders and individuals, but they may not understand the pattern or severity.

And soooo on.
It’s just completely inaccurate and wrong to self-diagnose. Specifically using BPD examples here. Not to mention tests can actually be done for BPD and the symptoms have to be long lasting, interfere with everyday life and “not just happen when convenient or something happens”  etc.

You’re incorrectly “diagnosing” and assuming an actual disorder
You can’t literally diagnose yourself!
Not to mention self diagnosing can actually be dangerous.
I hope I made this clear where my heart is and that people realize it is very important to realize what it is, that it can be insulting, that it’s an actual disorder not just a list of things, and that being biased towards either side without stating other things is rude too. This is the truth. No need to get nasty about it. I included all I could to try to get others to understand what this is about.

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I don’t know what this is but it’s creepy as hell. No jumpscares, no monsters, no gore, nothing… just creeps.