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Swan queen : Christmas morning

Emma’s face scrunches in her sleep. She feels a pressure on her chest, against her nose. Puffs of heat smack against her lips and chin. She groans but it takes her several long moments to wake.

When her eyes flutter open, she is instantly greeted with the overwhelming sight of brown eyes blown wide and sparkling with glee. Her two-year-old son, Benjamin, is sitting on her chest, nose smashed against hers, tiny giggles puffing hot breath against her chin and mouth, and little hands wrapped around her cheeks.

He squeals with glee when she looks at him and then screams in her face, “Mommy, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!”

Emma chuckles and wraps her arms around her son. “It is Christmas!” she cheers, her voice cracking from the sleep still coating her throat and her eyes and her face and every bone in her body, but her baby is excited, so she is excited. “What time is it?”

"Time for presents!" he shouts, and Emma hears a raspy chuckle from the bedroom door, the same laugh that has made her heart race for years now.

She rolls her son over to one side as she leans her head up and sees Regina standing in the doorway, their infant daughter, Grace, cradled against her chest and their five-year-old son, Kendrik, standing beside her, wrapped around her leg and rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Merry Christmas, darling," Regina laughs, and Emma grins at her.

"Merry Christmas," she replies. "Where are the other squirts?"

"Downstairs," Regina replies. "You had better get up before this one drags you."

Emma laughs because Benjamin is indeed now jumping on the bed and yanking on her arm. She sighs and rolls out of bed, rubbing at her eyes, before catching her son as he leaps into her arms. “All right, babies, let’s get some breakfast and then presents!”


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The Joys of Motherhood

"Did you know, many ancient civilizations thought that women were literally divine? Goddesses even, for the ability to grant life?"

I iterated this to my patient, Katie, as the sedatives took hold. It killed her pain and ability to move, but kept her conscious for the procedure.

"Western medicine has dispelled most beliefs like that. But my wife, Mary, thought it was true." I smiled fondly, remembering her as I cut into my patient’s abdomen.

"She believed she was a Goddess, as she became pregnant with our child." I explained, as I opened my patient. Katie looked at me, confused, drugged, as I used my instruments to spread her stomach, exposing her uterus.

"We decided on a home birth. Unfortunately, she delivered prematurely. Two months early. " I continued, I opened my patient’s uterus at this time.

"Despite all ‘modern advances’, my wife died. And my daughter, Julia……wasn’t ready for this world." I reached over, grabbing the last thing I needed for the procedure.

"But you…have a wonderful opportunity here. The chance to finish something miraculous!" I take the final object, and place it in my patient’s womb.

Katie becomes more aware, more active, as I finish the stitches. Soon, her incisions are closed. As the drugs continue to wear off, she becomes more alert, and more panicked.

"Shhhhhh!" I tell her. "This is a good thing!"

She looks down in horror at her now swollen abdomen.

"Julia just needs a little more time. Women are Goddesses, and Goddesses grant life! In two months, you will see!" I exclaimed.

I smiled gently at Katie as she started screaming. In time, she would see.


Yule Cat - 

The pet of the Icelandic giantess Grýla, the Yule Cat is a vicious giant cat that lurks the countryside during Christmas time. Throughout the rest of the year the cat lives with Grýla and her family in her cave, but during Advent the cat leaves them to keep a watchful eye over humans. 

The Yule Cat eats people. It is said that if a person does not have a new article of clothing to wear on Christmas day the Yule Cat will hunt them down and eat them. In some stories the cat will leave the person unharmed but eat their Christmas dinner instead. 

The only way to avoid the Yule Cat is not to be lazy and buy or make yourself something new to wear during Christmas. 

Joe… pero el tipo da de que hablar. Este quiere problemas, y los tendrá seguro si sigue publicando cosas de este estilo… ¿porque tiene que hacer un vídeo en donde dice que quiere que Willy se lo ****?, a el hombre ya le gustó ser conocido y un poco estimado por lo que escribió y no debería de ser así, lo que menos quiero es que Willy tenga contacto con alguien que se quiere enrollar con él, el problema no es que sea gay y se sienta atraído por el chino, sino que lo divulgue como su propósito.

Menuda falta de respeto, imagina que tu vas por ahí a comer y comienzas a conversar con el camarero porque es buena gente, le platicas un poco de ti, tus amigos y planes a futuro (porque siendo realistas este sujeto sabe mas de lo que muestra), después resulta que le gustas y desea meterse contigo, esta bien… lo rechazas si no quieres, pero lo menos que imaginarías es que lo este diciendo por las redes sociales.

Algunos lo ven como gracia, ¿pero a ti te gustaría que alguien publique un vídeo en donde dice que quiere “eso” contigo?, tal vez  no importe mucho… pero lo veo como un insulto a la integridad de una  persona… yo al principio me reí cuando vi la frase “Jally pa siempre”, todo iba tan bien hasta que dijo lo último. Sinceramente el decir “el no quería ser famoso/conocido” me resulta una gran mentira, su Tumblr tiene tiempo y sabe de su uso. Uno no va por la vida diciendo que se quiere fo**** a tal chico (que casualmente es muy conocido) sin esperar que nadie lo note… 

¿Que crees que haga Willy cuando se entere de esto? (hipotéticamente), se molestará, porque es incorrecto que digan ese tipo de cosas a tus espaldas. Es una manera muy vulgar para decir lo que quiere. Ahora mismo no le veo gracia alguna. Básicamente el tal James se la esta jugando…  yo considero un hecho que este tema no se quedara a aquí, y si así fuera el hombre se lo busco… y el sabía que entre las posibilidades estaba que Willy llegase a enterarse.

Creo que eres madura y no atacaras mi comentario…
nubes-t0xicas te lo quise enviar por ask, pero esta muy largo D: 
Si has leído esto me gustaría saber tu opinión… 
Solo es mi opinión… nada importante, si tienes algo que decir al respecto espero tu respuesta, y si no pues nada. Y perdona mi subnormalidad…
P.D: tengo frío.
¡No James, No!… Willy se pertenece así mismo sin importar que todo el mundo diga lo contrario.

I have an acquaintance who’s always bragging about how her four-year old son screams and yells abuse at people at the store, and she doesn’t correct him. She also talks about how much she spoils him and that it is her aim to make it so that “no woman will ever be good enough for him.” Some time ago she also almost hit a woman in public for telling her that her son was yelling at people.

Like…you want to know how shitty people get made? Where awful men come from? How bullies come to be? This sure looks like one way.


i love arthur it’s such an important show for children to be watching to learn things adults won’t normally tell them about other people like just recently arthur and DW had to deal with their grandpa having alzheimer’s and a few years ago george had a friend with asperger’s i really hope it’s only a matter of time until they have a trans kid that would be so amazing and if anyone would do it it’d be PBS

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Ay, lasted this long, I mean the time between air and spirits was the worse, if you can survive that can deal with anyyyyyyyything/It really does feel too soon I mean we still didint get to see what happened in the FIRE NATION MAN, sides navy I guess

i lasted between the end of atla and the start of lok, back before we knew if there’d ever be a continuation series or not…back when we had to sit thru the torture of watching that train wreck of a movie-that-shall-not-be-named be made…

i survived losing friends over dumb bitter shit in this fandom…i survived people i trusted hating on korra, i survived people i trusted hating on my ship…i’ve survived so much dumb. and i don’t even care, i’ll keep surviving.