I see a certain ship has their panties in a bunch because a Caryler had an amazing experience with Norman that happened to skew very pro Caryl. I also find it very humorous they are projecting their insecurities by adding their delusions to her experience.

I’m sorry you guys think she is embellishing or lying or what have you. Fact is Norm questioned HER about her Caryl shirt.  Just like when I saw him and he made it a point to look at my USS Caryl shirt, and upon inspecting it gave his enthusiastic approval.

By my count three Carylers have had very positive experiences with Norman. Who knows, there may be scads more that aren’t here on Tumblr.  None really pushed the Caryl agenda.  Norm took it upon himself to pursue the matter.

Have we heard any word from a B*thyl*r’s experience?  I stay out of tags that don’t interest me so I have no clue.  Has he done the same for their ship? I sure haven’t heard if it is so.  I’m pretty sure a certain somebody would be trumpeting that little tidbit from every corner of the interwebs if it were.


Stuns my brain that people that can’t stand an actress/ship continue to troll the fucking tag.  I won’t even go into how some slam MMB, yet claim to be NR fans. Um, Mel is one of his dearest friends.  I wouldn’t be slamming somebody that is dear to somebody I admire.

Do we know for certain what is going to happen in S5?  No.  Personally, I highly doubt that Carol and Daryl are going to…shall we say…get it on.  However, we do know they reunite fairly early on and it looks like they are staying mighty close to each other past the MSF. We know Carol and Daryl have an extremely strong bond and it has only been a few weeks since they last saw each other, not months as some would like to believe. 

After Carol and Daryl work through what happened, I’m pretty sure he isn’t letting his Silver Fox out of his sight.  I’d like to think he makes it pretty clear she’s his friend and his lady.

So if Caryl doesn’t interest you, may I suggest staying out of the tag, ship whatever it is you ship, and quit shitting on a fan’s awesome experience because you feel it doesn’t bode well for YOUR particular ship.

My Ouija experience.

penny lane submitted

So, I’ve never been a religious person or anything. In fact, I would call myself an atheist. Despite this, I’ve always found demonology and related themes extremely interesting. 2 years ago, I was home alone in my mom’s house and I was sitting on the living room with my laptop wasting time, as usual. From the spot where I was seating, to the right, you could perfectly see the kitchen.

Suddenly, the thought of searching for a ouija board through the internet came to my mind and it seemed so cool, I actually did it. I went to a site where they had a ouija board where you could ‘play’ online. I obviously thought it was pure bullsh*t, I mean, what can you expect? I started talking to this person, and the questions I asked and the answers he gave me didn’t match so I was laughing because my thoughts about this ‘entity’ being a bot were true.

I closed the tab a few minutes laters, after that, I was just fooling around on the internet and I noticed the light bulb on the kitchen started to flick so I turned the light off and back on, thinking it was just an electrical short, and the light went back to normal. Following this, I went back to the living room when I started to feel shivers all over my body and I sensed something coming from the kitchen, I used my peripheral view to see what was there and I saw a life-size crucified Christ on my kitchen and the lights started blinking again. I closed my laptop and ran upstairs to my mom’s room and tried to calm myself down. It was working until the lights went out. I heard dishes breaking on the kitchen afterwards. I quickly looked for my phone and called my mom crying. All these things can be perfectly explained so I just think I chose a bad day to play the Ouija. But I still can’t explain how the dishes fell from the cabinet if it was closed.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I know a lot of skeptics who still won’t touch a Ouija board, so don’t worry about that! 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

Dog Folklore (Mesoamerican)


Dogs importantly take part in Mesoamerican folklore and mythology since ancient times. A common belief across the Mesoamerican region is that a dog carries the newly deceased across a body of water in the afterlife.



Maya burials from the Classic Period are frequently found with associated animal remains, often dogs. For example, in the ruins of the Classic Maya city of Kaminaljuyu in Guatemala, a dog was found interred with a sitting skeleton, along with grave goods offered to the deceased. The frequent finds of dog skeletons in Classic Maya burials confirms that the belief that dogs guided the souls of the departed on their journey into the underworld already existed at this time.

The dog is sometimes depicted carrying a torch in the surviving Maya codices, which may be a reference to the Maya tradition that the dog brought fire to mankind.



Dogs were associated with Xolotl, the god of lightening and death.  Xoloitzcuintle is a canine breed endemic to Central America dating back to Pre-Colombian times. The name Xoloitzcuintle references Xolotl because, mythologically, one of this dog’s missions was to accompany the dead in their journey into eternity. In spite of this prominent place in the mythology, the meat of the Xoloitzcuintle was very much part of the diet of some ancient peoples of the region.

In Aztec folklore, the Ahuizotl is a dog-like water monster with a hand on the end of its coiled tail. It was said to dwell underwater near river banks and would drag the unwary to a watery death. The victim’s soul would be carried off to Tlalocan, one of the three Aztec paradises. 

Modern Folklore


  • Across much of Mexico,evil sorcerers are believed to be able to transform themselves into a black dog in order to prey upon the livestock of their neighbours. In the states of central Mexico (such as Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz) such a sorcerer is known as a nahual, in the Yucutan Peninsula it is known as Huay Chivo. 
  • Another supernatural dog in the folklore of Yucatan is the huay pek (witch-dog in Yucatec Maya), an enormous black phantom dog that attacks anybody that it meets and is said to be an incarnation of the Kakasbal, an evil spirit.
  • A legend from Tlaxcala tells how some hunters saw an enormous black dog one night and decided to capture and keep it. It fled at their approach, so one hunter shot at it, wounding it in one leg. Following the blood trail they came to a richly furnished peasant hut, whose owner was tending a wound in his leg. They gave up the chase and headed for the nearest village, where the locals told them that the peasant had been a nahual who could transform into a dog to steal riches.