Not Disney but...

I’m a bit confused. Hilary Clinton was the first First Lady who had her own office in the White House. She wasn’t a doll that sat and did nothing. She got shit done. She also thought of “Obama care” before Obama. She’s a feminist icon, and a brilliant leader. She could have left her husband but didn’t because she cared more about offering the US stability. Sure, her hubby wasn’t the most honest guy, but he was in fact a good president. He wasn’t a good person, but he was a good president. I’m really confused as to why tumblr democrats are making posts about refusing to vote for her??? I’d understand, if you’re against democratic beliefs, but it seems like personal hate against her?


So, there’s this Facebook group for my neighborhood, and this lady just posted looking for a babysitter on Wednesday mornings for a 17 month old and a 4 year old (which are like, the perfect ages for me), and I’m the only one who’s responded in the three hours it’s been up, and she said she’d call me and GAHHHHH. I just really, really hope I get it this time! And the longer the post goes without any other replies, the more likely it’s looking. And I’m sure you all wanted to read this, so you’re welcome ;) I’m sorry, I’m just really excited. GAH. It’s just so perfect!


I find it funny that current day many girls would have been all over geeky George McFly (The dorky dad from Back To The Future.) The nerdy, lanky, non-macho, hipster, in-touch-with-feminine-side thing is kind of in style now. It’s just funny how trends swap.

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name: fae
age: 23
preferred pronouns: she/her
sexuality: heterosexual
zodiac sign: gemini.
taken or single: single.
three mun facts:
1. i have my license but driving terrifies me so i don’t do it 
2. i have my associates and i’m going for my BA in English
3. i’m really horridly socially awkward and terrible at keeping friendships tbh.

how’d you start RPing:  through aol chatrooms LOL, and then i found forums and a bunch of other places and now i’m here i guess. 
platforms you’ve used: aol chatrooms, aim, windows live messenger, forums, myspace, twitter, skype, tumblr.
worst experience:  i’d rather not go into it, but needless to say i’m not friends with them anymore really.
best experience: JOINING THE DISNEY/NONDISNEY FANDOM TBH. i’ve met some really rad people.

original or canon: canon. i love making ocs but they don’t usually stick. corinne’s the only oc that’s stuck around and i’ve had her for about five years now.
favourite face: ugh so many. lily james, brenton thwaites, daria sidorchuk, xinyuan zhang
least favorite face: natalie dormer
multi or single: single

plots or memes: i like them both. it just depends on what i’m going for. i prefer plots for long-term things. memes are good for starting interactions tho.
best time to write:  night time for meh.
do you like your muse(s): that’s kind of a given.
how long (months/years?) 11 years.