endless list of favorite books: the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin

“Fix me,” I commanded him. “This thing, what I’ve done - there’s something wrong with me, Noah. Fix it.”

Noah’s expression broke my heart as he brushed my hair from my face, and skimmed the line of my neck. “I can’t.”

"Why not?" I asked, my voice threatening to crack.

"Because," he said, "You’re not broken.”

Noah Watts is NOT Connor Kenway!

Alright y’all it occurred to me that I forgot to put this in the PSA, so I’m gonna write a separate post for it. After this I promise y’all I’m done ranting lol :)

During every livestream we always get this one request, and the first couple of times I saw it I was like, “Oh, ha ha, that’s cute!”  It has long since stopped being cute or funny and it’s actually a little bit annoying; and that is people saying “Noah! Will you say so-and-so in Connor’s voice?” or sometimes they don’t even ask and it sounds super demanding like, “Noah, say this in Connor’s voice!”

Now I get that pretty much all of us are Connor fangirls and we like to hear his voice and such, but I feel like if you wanna hear Connor talking than you should go load up AC3. You just have to think about it like this, yes Noah is responsible for bringing Connor’s character to life but Noah and Connor are not the same person. Connor is not the first character Noah has played, and he won’t be the last, so I feel like we’ve gotta chill with the Connor stuff sometimes. Just let him be Noah ya know? If he ever gets in the mood to say something as Connor he will but I feel like we shouldn’t be forcing it on him. I can imagine that it would be very frustrating for people to constantly want to hear you do this one thing all the time, even though they know you do so much other stuff. It’s like when people find out that you have a certain talent (like singing, drawing, standing on your head) and they ask you to just do it on the spot. As if you’re always there waiting and ready to just crank out an art piece or personally serenade them.

So guys please remember that we are, in fact, watching Noah play games, will ya?