No but can we talk about the fact that Sheldon has hated Christmas ever since his grandfather died when he was a lil kid and nothing ever changed that feeling, not even the Leonard Nimoy napkin Penny got him, but seeing Amy happy about the gift he got her was the one thing that made him realize Christmas was about sharing with the people you love? Can we talk about it? CAN WE?

Or are we all dead and unable to talk about anything at all???

My mom is a recently retired doctor,

 and I convinced her to be the Leonard Nimoy to my Zachary Quinto.


So she followed me around the con for 4 hours asking about people’s cosplays like, “Is this a boy or a girl?” “Which character are they?” “Is that a Doctor Who?”

Then a Colossal Titan told her he like her ears, so she told him she liked his orbiculoris oris.

35 years ago today (Dec 7, 1979), Robert Wise’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released


Immediately after the release of Star Trek III, Paramount hired Leonard Nimoy to develop and direct the fourth installment in the series.

Perhaps feeling slighted at his compatriot’s increased involvement int he franchise, William Shatner was initially reluctant to return to Star Trek IV. This feeling was bolstered after he heard that that Nimoy and Bennett were more interested in a lighter adventure without a clear-cut villain and he out-and-out refused to appear in the next film. Without Shatner’s involvement, Nimoy and his team began early development on a prequel to the original series featuring the Starfleet Academy adventures of our crew.

After being offered the same paycheck as Nimoy ($2.5m), Shatner agreed to be in Star Trek IV, which was now a movie that would continue the “current” adventures of the magnificent seven in space.

I just had an epiphany

High school Musical 98 

It is Troys 98th birthday and they are celebrating by singing at their old retirement home. The cast:

Troy: Stan Lee

Gabriella: Betty White

Ryan: Leonard Nimoy

Sharpay: Angela Lansbury

Chad: Morgan Freeman

Taylor: Ruby Dee

Zeke: James Earl Jones

I am so sorry