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Can you post a picture of "the thing" you made for nimoy when it's cured and in the tank?

Yes of course! I’m very excited to get it in the tank, but it needs another day!

The signs as cliche romantic leads
  • Aries:The bad boy who terrorizes the school but is sweet deep, deep down. Changes for the good girl (Virgo) and ends up with her.
  • Taurus:The awkward, imperfect, deep guy (the total John Green lead) who falls for the sexy mysterious Scorpio who alters his life.
  • Gemini:The beautiful, talented Manic Pixie Dream Girl who changes the dull life of Capricorn.
  • Cancer:The shy, humble girl who is like, so perfect but doesn’t know she is and keeps selling herself short. Ends up with Aquarius who makes her realize she’s beautiful.
  • Leo:The egotistical, rich, attractive asshole (probably has daddy issues) that falls in love with Libra.
  • Virgo:The good girl. Super smart and sweet. Falls in love with Aries. It’s a bit of a Grease situation.
  • Libra:The sarcastic mess who doesn’t quite have her life together. Is thoroughly unimpressed with Leo’s attempts but ends up with him because she realizes a- he is actually a decent guy, and b- he’s a good match for her wit.
  • Scorpio:The sexy, aggressive, moody feminist who falls for Taurus. Probably disappears or dies before the movie is over.
  • Sagittarius:The goofy drunk guy who seems to be angstless but in is in fact infatuated with Aries. Never gets a lead romantic partner. Is probably paired up with a random background character no one knew was gay because this is a cliche romance movie. The only reason 50% of the people are watching tbh.
  • Capricorn:The reliable, smart guy who leads a dull life that he’s way too good for until he meets Gemini who makes his life worthwhile.
  • Aquarius:The kind of emo, hipster guy. Probably plays guitar, sings and writes poetry in his diary. Is sooo deep. Falls in love with Cancer. Their entire relationship could be summed up in the trailer- Aquarius: *strums guitar* “ur bootiful” Cancer: *blushes*
  • Pisces:The eccentric dreamer with her head in the clouds. Has an unrequited love for her friend, Taurus but is too shy to say so. Forms an unlikely friendship with Sagittarius because neither of them get enough screen time or decent pairings. Possibly gets Taurus once Scorpio is gone.

that bio of grace lee whitney says that she became depressed and addicted after she was dropped from the series, but that makes it sound like she was, i don’t know, just bitter - it does not mention, for example, that while she was under contract she put herself on diet pills so she could fit into the too-tight uniform, or that she was sexually assaulted by a star trek executive before she was “let go.” i understand that those things might not belong in an obituary, because her life blossomed into so many bigger and better things, but i don’t know, i think we should respect the difficulty of that journey, i think it’s worth remembering that for all we may like to romanticize the original series and the people involved (leonard nimoy, to the credit of his memory, was very supportive of her), this incredible woman went through hell and came back fighting. she absolutely did take back her life, and she even came back to star trek. i think she was pretty amazing. rest peacefully, grace.

i love how roddenberry created a vulcan word to describe kirk and spock’s relationship that translates to english as “friend, brother, lover” and then gave us instances like this

and this

they admit they are friends and brothers but more importantly they admit they are t’hy’la to each other, meaning they accept the english translation “friend, brother, lover” and you’re trying to tell me they aren’t romantically involved?