Houston, TX-based artist Nikita DevilxKat Leigh of Midian Craftworks created this awesome stained glass Stormtrooper Helmet Table Lamp. Even Emperor Palpatine himself would be impressed with this life-size sculpture made of 521 pieces of hand-cut glass, copper foil, 5-6 lbs of solder and probably some blood, sweat and Jedi tears to boot.

"After the glass was cut, the edges were ground down and each piece was wrapped in copper foil. I then soldered the pieces together, gave the helmet a good cleaning, patinated the solder black, and finally gave everything a nice waxing to polish the metal and make the glass shine! This piece has also been signed and dated.

The helmet itself measures approximately 12 x 12 x12 (inches). Included with the table lamp is a wooden base and a 6 foot lamp cord with a candelabra snap-in socket, rocker switch, and bulb. 40 watt bulbs are the maximum recommended.”

Despite what the top photo depicts, this fantastic piece of home decor isn’t intended to be worn by live humans. It’s quite heavy and fragile, but it does make for an awesome portrait. Currently available for purchase here.

Visit the Midian Craftworks Etsy shop for more geektastic stained glass creations and other crafts perfect for your “Dark & Dork Side.”

[via Technabob]