'In Rubaya, it’s the Nyatura who call the shots. The Nyatura are a Congolese Hutu group who are now allies of the Congolese government armed forces.  Without their permission, no one enters or leaves. A group of soldiers stops us as soon as we arrive in the town. Two white men do not go unnoticed in Rubaya. We are escorted to the Eden hotel, where Colonel Marcel Habarugira invites us to take a seat. The colonel begins to speak: “In wartime, brothers help one another. And since you wouldn’t be able to get out of here alive without our help, I’m asking you how you can help us, what you can offer us in exchange for your life, which we’re saving”.'

Photographer Marco Gualazzini won the Getty Images Editorial Grant in 2013 for his proposal M23 – Kivu: A Region Under Siege. Since then, the situation in Democratic Republic of the Congo has changed dramatically, including the disarming of the M23 rebels. Here, he relates some of his experiences from working on the project last October.



yes today is the PREMIERE OF SEASON 2! But its also ‘Bisexual Pride Day’ and what a better day to tweet #BisexualKarma to the #FakingIt people?! Not this is not like trending! ITS MUCH MORE CLEVER AND SUBTLE! 

So if you have a twitter feel free to tweet them any of these images to: katie, carter,mtv (anyone IDK) - we don’t want them to think we’ve forgotten of that wonderful “Woah” “I know” parallel which is basically the most important moment in S1. 

I hope I don’t offend anyone in the LGBT with this, sorry if I do message me with your concern and I’ll do my best to reply - be nice. No, I’m not trying to use the BiPride day but I actually think it would be great if they actually carried on with the hints and made Katie’s character Bisexual because we all know there isn’t enough representation of it on television! so ya why not subtly hint it today :) 

good day! 

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So here are all the DWTS Valdaya dances. Thankfully someone uploaded all of them at once on one video and it did not get taken off.