The best thing is that you’re living your dream. It doesn’t feel like a job. It’s not 9-5 and it’s what I always wanted to do. I get to put on the clothes - metaphorically speaking - of all these different people and live another life… (Colin Morgan Interview for Hunger Magazine 5th May 2015)

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Dean has noticed Castiel's hipbones when he would reach high places, seeing them and how tempted they are to be touched, ahem, tickled. Cas would jump or squeak when Dean would sqeeze one side when he passes by or have an excuse to help Cas reach something and grabbing his hips and Cas recoils and giggles.








Deconstruct chapter 8: A Strange Gift

Then, after almost a minute of Whitebeard and Luffy staring at one another, the Mountain King ordered in a loud, clear voice, “Leave us.”

Ace jumped, his eyes snapping to Whitebeard incredulously. “What?”

He received and instant slap on the shoulder from Marco’s wing, but didn’t look away, even as the other members of the court turned to leave,muttering amongst themselves.

Whitebeard raised an eyebrow, finally pulling his gaze away from Luffy to look at the dragon, and then waved him off. “Go on, Ace. Out. You can have your brother when we are done speaking.”

Chapter 8 is up guys! Read at FF.Net and AO3~

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Hey, could you explain wiccan/paganism to me? I've always found it interesting and wanted to know more about it.

sure! but i’m probably not the most qualified person to speak on it tbh…. i’ll direct you to some resources though, and if you want more about my personal craft and practice, msg me off anon :^)

i didn’t mean for those to b in caps im rly sorry about that i copy and pasted the links from like another post i had made b4 about witchy resources and it. stayed in caps bc of my theme sorry about that im not shouting it at u

Okay, I like such a side parting better than a center parting on them. For some reason, they just look much better with one eye covered <3 I’m considering making a fancy eyepatch just because….

They were originally gonna have a pretty sophisticated style with tight fit clothing, but this sweater just looks really, really good on them. I think if I stick to blue, pink and white for all their clothes it might be nice. Now they need a shorts or a miniskirt, and blue or pink leggings. I know I have some I got at Ldoll laying around somewhere….

Also, yay for bad phone picture at 10pm… xD I might get a better one tomorrow.

(And I totally forgot last’s week’s story a week, oops. I’m not gonna bother too much with it; maybe I’ll get two done some other week).