so many shows don’t properly show physical damage. like, there may be one episode where you see them recovering but after that they’re fine. or the bruises aren’t real or as deep or wide spread as can be or there’s to much blood or not enough.

but that’s one of the things that i am so impressed with Hannibal that despite the outlandish style of killing and romanczation of it all, the physical aspect of it is extremely realistic.

     Jackson looked down at his list and spoke up to the cashier. “I know this is last notice but I do need 15 brass locks, 10 steel ones, and two um” rereading the sentence “Trackleshanks custom trunk locks as well” finishing his sentence with a smile, though wasn’t received by the girl as she headed off to the back. “Blimey” saying under his breath before turning and noticing someone who was entering from the front. 

           “Long time no see….” 

Admittedly for a few days, when I read the season 6 spoilers about it not being a smooth path to marriage for Carson and Hughes, I was a little on edge; until I realized that this is the sort of that defines them as the ship I love so much.  The two of them not agreeing on everything and having to sort it out has been a defining characteristic of their relationship - it’s even been a catalyst for Carson to not only grow as a character but really, to realize that his feelings run deeper than just friendship.  

I’m just so excited to see them arguing about their future together.  Disagreeing about how that said future will play out.  Fighting, spats, saying things they know the other won’t like to hear, because now they both know that they won’t abandon each other. Having to discuss stuff; compromising, admitting that maybe being right isn’t always as important as understanding where the other one is coming from.

I’m so excited for them to be a couple, even when they doubt things.  To have doubts and fears and have to grow used to the idea that after all this time of being a me, they’re going to have to factor in how to be an us as well.  

tl;dr - I was afraid of their rocky path to wedded bliss, but now I’m just so excited to see how it helps them grow as a couple.