“The Gift”

 **This is for my lovely friend from across the world,  kawusia25, Kasandra.  Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!! I hope you like it.**

**AU Established Olicity. Rated M and the picture is not mine**


Oliver walked into his apartment after a very long day spent with the Board of Directors of Queen Consolidated.  This week of negotiations to reinstate him as president of the company had been long and arduous.

He shut the front door, and then turned to set his briefcase and keys on the hallway table. Marvel, Joker and Harley Quinn comic books were spread all across the tabletop. Felicity must have bought them today.

"Felicity?" he called out as he began to walk into the living room while tugging on his necktie, then pulling the ends through his collar and off.

It was unusually quiet. Then, he saw it. 

A pair of black silk stockings was draped over one of the lampshades and a lacy red bra lay in the middle of the hallway floor. He couldn’t stop smiling as he followed the trail of her clothing, to see the red boy shorts hanging from his bedroom doorknob.

He eagerly opened the door to discover one of the most beautiful sights he’d ever seen. The room was aglow with candles, their light holiday scents of pine and berries drifted around him, and from the center of their bed Felicity rose up on her knees to greet him. 

Her long silky thighs peeked out from under his Arrow leather jacket. It was so large on her that it hung sexily off one of her bare shoulders. Her glorious curls were up in a messy bun with wispy tendrils hanging loosely down the sides of her neck. 

As she toyed with the zipper on his jacket she said “Merry Christmas Oliver. I thought after the week you’ve had that you might want to unwrap one of your Christmas gifts, early.” 

Intensely focused blue eyes met enticingly flirty ones. While never breaking eye contact, Oliver walked over to climb onto their bed and sit inches from her.

He hadn’t even touched her, yet every inch of her body was throbbing and on fire.

"You are so beautiful." Oliver said as he reached up to pull the sticks from her hair, allowing the heavy mass to flow and cascade down over her shoulders and into the hood of his jacket.

His trembling fingers gently moved her bangs aside as they skimmed her forehead to trace the curve of her face down to the delicate angle of her chin and finally to brush across the fullness of her lush lips.  

Her breathing quickened when he slowly began a new trail along the column of her neck to then take hold of the zipper and gently pulled it down. His eyes followed its path while his warm knuckles skimmed the soft skin it revealed.

The sides of his jacket draped open to reveal that she didn’t have anything else on. “Happy Hanukkah, to me.” Oliver whispered as his eyes met hers once again.

He reluctantly let go of the zipper and started to unbutton his dress shirt, but she stopped him by placing her hand over his. 

She leaned forward to very delicately draw his full lower lip between hers, sucking on it hard enough to leave it swollen and red. She followed that with a gentle kiss and whispered against his lips, “Unh, uh, this… is my gift to unwrap,” as she smoothed her hands down his shirtfront.

His low growl of pleasure echoed through the room as he slid his hands around her waist to spread them low across her back and drew her closer.

Visual guide to Men’s Dress Shoes

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Another successful photo shoot with the Dapper Chicks of New York

I feel honored to be standing with these six amazingly brilliant and talented women. To Sara, Wen, Nicole, Danielle, Bo, and Ali — I am proud to stand by your side!

And there is one woman who is not shown in these photos and that’s Debbie, of Dag Images, the fantastic photographer of this very special photo shoot!

I’ve had some serious push back from the work place about the way I dress and it’s only made me the person I am today. After many years I am finally comfortable with going on an interview with a bow tie and owning it! I am dapper, hear me roar!

It’s a comfort to know that there are other phenomenal woman out there like these lovely ladies who support equality for women.

Please check out www.adapperchick.com for more photos and the full story!

so much love,

Laura, Girl In A Bow Tie


Manual part 6

2. WIP never be done cz the paper already broke if i continue the shading.
3. HBD GA for Ren-sama
4. HBD GA for Sharlene and Jillian
6. Preparation going to Cray Wars event ( Kai want to fix Aichi’s necktie…)
7. Kai: ”He’s mine”
8. Aichi: ”Cz, i’m yours”

Enjoy (//∇//)

Ice Luck Bot

Requested by the winner of the PoniBot giveaway on DeviantART, Ambercatlucky2, for dorzel.

Also, this is the first time I drew a Stallion Bot so this is kind of a new design. Instead of having the signal lights on the hair, like Mare Bots, Stallion Bots have a Signal Light starts on their neck and go down the first three rows of paneling on their chest. Kinda looks like a necktie or something and is easily customizable, kinda like the hair lights of Mare Bots. XD

He’s an Aerial Companion Bot. The wings, when folded, are kinda like that but it’s still a working progress and can change in the future. :3