QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD: A hymn to Persephone and Hades fanmix.


I. enya - boadica, II. halsey -empty gold, III. zella day - compass, IV. laura welsh - break the fall, V. halsey - trouble, VI. lykke li - gunshot, VII. lana del rey  - gods and monsters, VIII. banks - you should know where i’m coming from, IX. say lou lou - better in the dark, X. the civil wars- the devil’s backbone, XIV. ms mr - bones, Xll.little may - dustXlll.banks - fall over, XlV. meiko- bad things, XV. florence and the machine - seven devils


Go Nattie and Paige!  If only they gave the women this same amount of time on RAW. smdh

LOL@ Tyson’s commentary.  Let this guy speak more.