doujinpuncher asked:

madoka magica and,,,narute


Favorite Characters: homura, kyoko
Favorite Pairing: homumado
Favorite Platonic Relationship: homura/kyoko its funny the way they talk 
Favorite Quote: i couldnt remember any so i googled some and this is from kyouko: Don’t worry, Sayaka. It sucks to be alone. It’s okay. I’ll be beside you, sayaka

Who I Relate To Most: no one really
Who I Don’t Really Understand: ??
Who I Would Get Along With: kyouko? i mean i get along with u
Who I Wouldn’t Get Along With: ???
Least Favorite Character: that boy sayaka liked. i actually liked kyuubey
Least Favorite Pairing: ??

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envy and pride replied to your post: its honestly sad whats become of narut…

lol the story turned to pure shit, I loved it at some point but now it makes zero sense, I still like the bits that do make sense, but the rest, ???, ugh

i can’t really judge since i’ve never fully watched it and never even read it, but i remember bits and it was really cool at first.. like why is he making a second generation story just let it rip in peace