Because I’m tired of the “Steve sucks at modern technology” trope.  He was picking up and using HYDRA tech that was powered by the tesseract in WWII. And user interfaces were pretty un-intuitive back then — knobs labeled in German or French, most likely.  And think about the number of dials and thingamabobs on an airplane control panel!  Yes, he’s a man out of time, but it’s probably the social stuff that’s much harder to adjust to.  (You can tell he’s recently-thawed because he still insists on wearing at least a button-down shirt and suspenders when out in public.)

[more Steve dealing with modern world here and here, meta here here and here] [more Steve/Nat brOTP here]


The whole Steve is colorblind thing.  I like the idea that Steve, given that his entire life is about fighting against the limitations of his body, wouldn’t bat an eye at being colorblind — he’ll just work around it, just as he has to work around all of his other illnesses.  And Bucky, all teasing aside, will be there to support him.  I especially like the idea of Bucky being Steve’s eyes — telling him the colors of the world.  Since so much of being an artist *is* the reading of colors, Steve’s artistic ambitions also taps into Bucky’s latent artistic abilities (he’s always had sharp eyesight, after all).  As is always the case: where Steve goes, Bucky is right there with him.

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[Also: sequel — post Bucky recovery]

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ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT: color blindness is pretty complex — there’s lots of different kinds and degrees.  Steve is probably not completely color-blind!  I went for the cheap joke in the first page, but he can probably tell the difference between green and blue.  -__-.  (It’s much harder to express nuance in comics guys… stick to fics)

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  • it goes with the comic

I see a million silhouettes dancing in this room.

I wanna be the one who GETS the attention from yooooooou.

I’ve got my BEST on.

And I feel like SULKING all night LONG.

Nothing’s gonna stop me.

You’re what I WANT.

So, baby, come and get me,

'Cause I don't wanna dance aloooooone.

-audacity update illustrated, basically levi at a party


Do you wanna read a fanfic?


I don’t know. This was a silly little idea I had in my head today. I re-read r9kEiS and I had forgotten about the first few chapters before everthing… well, y’know, hit the fan. I planned for it to be longer but my poor hand is so done.


Happy Birthday, Steve!

I seriously sat down to draw a cute picture of Steve with some cake and fireworks and maybe a bald eagle wearing a Captain America hat.  But then I started thinking about how selfless Steve is, and that probably he wouldn’t really enjoy a big celebration.  Also that one of the things I appreciate about him as Captain America, is that he doesn’t really buy into the propaganda of America — he cares a lot about America the people, and not necessarily all the blind patriotism and fireworks aspects of July 4th.

So a cute celebratory doodle turned into this monstrosity.

(Sorry about the crappiness of the artwork, though — I just wanted it out of my system, so didn’t look up how to draw anyone properly, and I basically used preset colors.)

At least there’s still a bald eagle.

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[edit: oops I conflated Liberty Island and Ellis Island.  Now fixed. Original wrong version can be found here.]

[edit2: a-hahaha I decided to change it again, because Ellis Island is important to me.  Version with more Lady Liberty can be found here.]


Hmmm…. for shorter Bucky-deals-with-surly-Steve: here.  This comic ran away from me, so I’m just posting it as is instead of doing more work on it.

mcu!Bucky is actually pretty well-off, if you go by the flashback in Cap2: he has both parents, his parents have a car, and he is impeccably dressed.  That snide comment about Steve shining his shoes just serves to underscore the class difference between them.  I *love* all of the fanfic headcanons where Steve and Bucky are scrappy rascals who grew up on the streets, but I got to thinking: if Bucky was that much better off than Steve, how would they even meet?  Why would Bucky, who is so charismatic in all the ways that pre-serum!Steve is not, even want to hang out with Steve?

So my new headcanon is that while Bucky’s a product of an interfaith marriage, at a time where a Catholic marrying a Jew would burn a lot of bridges.  Maybe how Bucky and Steve met was in a public elementary school, where kids were bullying Bucky for bringing matzoh to school during Passover, and Steve’s the only one who stood up for him.  For middle school, Bucky’s dad enrolled him in a Catholic school for the better education, and Bucky’s method of coping with that sense of not-belonging is playing the class clown.  Meanwhile, Steve isn’t smart enough to not pick fights in *his* middle school. 

Speaking of which, Steve.  Even though he is at heart a pure and good person, that doesn’t mean he’s not flawed.  Steve’s way of coping with things is to push people aside.  He has rather prickly front, especially when he’s feeling defensive (like in the Avengers where he snipes at Tony, despite actually agreeing with him.)  And the very line about hating bullies makes it too easy for Steve himself to define the enemy.

So this comic starts out with Steve being surly and Bucky being cavalier, but they work through it.  Because only Steve can see through Bucky’s front, and vice versa. 

(Master post of all my catws stuff.)

Oh hey I repurposed the “end of the line” thing to be happier.  I guess it’s compensation for making “on your left" be super depressing.

Also, relevant Great Depression video: (go to minute 41 for some nice soup lines and talking about how it was an issue of pride…. no wonder Steve’s so surly in the line.)