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captain swan :: desperately seeking santa au (will be posted on ff.net and ao3 later)

Merry Christmas Miranda! You said you loved AU fics and holiday fics, so I decided to spice it up and write one that’s both! Muahah ;) I was told to watch Desperately Seeking Santa from a friend for some fic writing inspiration, as the movie might as well be a CS AU all in itself (the main girl is named Jennifer, her d-bag of a bf is named Neal, she lives in Boston, I CANT EVEN MAKE THIS UP). So. Decided to write a little CS one myself :) And by little I mean monstrous; this fic is 6000k. And since I love making manips, I decided to throw in two to go with the fic. I hope you enjoy this, and have a merry Christmas!! Loved getting to talk to you <3

You can read the fic below!

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