Mike Tompkins & The Muppets - Cool Kids

OPB: Echosmith

Mike Tompkins teamed up with THE ONE AND ONLY Muppets to jam out on Echosmith’s indie crossover hit “Cool Kids” I think Kermit and the gang did a good job for their first time doing a cappella


Look I fucking get it, it’s like that thing they say in the toy spaceship movies, only you’re saying it with a lisp. As a baby I too wept tiny swords of shattered blue light. My right hand was part robot. All my friends were different muppets. The doctor turned to congratulate my mother. It’s a boy, he said, & began helping her outline the hero’s journey I was compelled by literature to complete before my death upon this Earth. Take the sun down from the highest shelf? Check. Eff up some dragon jerking it in the rose garden? No problem. Stuff like that, mostly. Truth is I haven’t even started yet. Soon I’ll look up from this computer, & I’ll be thirty. All the people I used to know, so far away, making the same kid over & over. They’ll come gather around my bones, somewhere in the nearish future, & say, He died dressed up as a wizard! & they’ll be right. Not because I was magic, just lacking the strength to change this bathrobe.

why do attractive people look so hot when they’re angry like honestly i look like a wrinkled muppet when im angry

(wow the file is like really small opps)))

So i was thinking. 

What if other puppet people existed in their world ?? ?????

Like different styles and sizes and whatnot, not just the ‘Muppet’, Animal and Full-Bodied look like the trio. So the world would be populated with different body types and each “style” had a base personality and they all ranked differently in life and and and  ? ???????

alesha asked:

When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy and pass it on to 10 people who last reblogged you :)

1. Sparkling water
2. Ripe fruit
3. Sheets that smell of fabric softener
4. Dogs that look like muppets
5. The ocean