“She’s a scientist. She just makes me work for everything.”

And it has to be that way. Diana just clarifies what we already knew: Mulder doesn’t need another Mulder. Someone who already believes his theories would be of absolutely no use to him. In the “Inside The X-Files” special, David Duchovny says that Scully is Mulder’s human credential. She sets his feet on the ground, and her respect for him makes others believe that he’s worthy of that respect. Nothing he does would matter without her integrity as an investigator, a scientist, and a human being. Mulder needs Scully, and no one else.

(via Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 10)

whats your favorite way to eat tofu (đậu hũ)?

xiaobaobabe said: chilled and raw with pídàn (“century egg”?), soy bean paste, and fish flakes! 

voltefaccia reblogged this and added: Jerk Marinade + Grill

youreokayyourebeautiful said: Fried then dipped with sauce that’s a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and onions :D

sansie-baby answered: My mom fries it in egg and fish sauce so there’s this crispy egg shell around the tofu and it’s yummy.

msr-aeshling said: tahu kecap kudus. highly recommend. it’s fried tofu in sweet soy sauce and it can have other stuff, like broccoli and shrimp

ohtoriprince answered: I mix it in with chorizo de soya and eat with tortillas. Or I add it to chilaquiles.

complicatedspace answered: i really like it fried and then sauteed with tomatoes and garlic. or tofu/tomato/egg drop soup w/ lots of chives.

daintyfuck answered: my mum gave me her recipe for three cup chicken modified to be vegan hmu if you want it friend

heartsignal answered: is it silky? because then fry it with some oil and then flavor with soysauce + chillies and it’s amazing. You can add meat if you want

thebirdsandtheseas reblogged this and added: i love marinating cubed tofu in sesame oil, soy sauce, sriracha, and ginger, with a dash of sugar (sometimes i substitute sugar with hoisin sauce). with that, i either stir fry, liquid and all; add cold to my salad; or bread it using half flour/half crushed oats (with a bit of salt+pepper+whatever other spices to taste).

heartsignal said: Also fish tofu soup with some tomatoes is really good, i’m sorry I just love cooking tofu.

julaya-antolin answered: pan fry + add broccoli and zucchini then + peanut sauce (rice vinegar, pbutter, soy sauce, chilli paste, sesame oil)

diamondfordisease answered: tofu with tomato in egg drop soup til death

lucyliushair answered: fried is the way to go

am-i-a-bella reblogged this and added: My dad makes a mean curried tofu.

thisisjesk answered: Steamed with diced onions, green onion and soy sauce cooked with sugar. I like ordering pei pa tofu in restaurants though

debrides reblogged this and added: Mao po

fresh-biscuits answered: Mapo all the way. Althougj, I do like it fried with a fish sauce, chili paste, garlic, green onion dipping sauce.

flybaldies reblogged this and added: soft/silken?? tofu’s really good by itself either as a block or mixed in with sesame oil, soy sauce and chunks of century egg…! agedashi tofu is great too, and sundubu jjigae

ofpeachesandpears answered: does the tofu pudding with ginger syrup count?

wigmund reblogged this and added: Marinated then breaded and stir fried.

elizabeth-antoinette said: cut, pressed, frozen, thawed, pressed again (all this makes it spongier) then marinated, dry seasoned and/or breaded and pan fried

brainundead said: Fried with lemongrass and with a generous dose of hot sauce

nijimei reblogged this and added: dofugan with celery! Also dofugan is just my general preferred version of dofu it’s a really great meat substitute imo

soft-as-haze answered: deep fried with whatever sauce I can find

maeiounj said: Dau hu nuoc duong! The best tofu for a cold night ever!

haafu answered: either hiyayakko (fresh soft tofu w/ soy sauce, negi, etc) or age dashi dofu (fried tofu eaten with dashi and ground daikon) :^)

lescreamingtrees answered: kho tộ - ing fried tofu

wayyy reblogged this and added: all about that hiyayakko swag

yellow—ranger said: Stinky and fried with kimchi

sensainakusonohana said: I like to mix soft tofu with a handful of ground sesame seeds, miso and some kombu stock and fry it like scrambled eggs until it gets crumbly. It’s so good over rice oh my god