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well I dunno for people, but in my case I can say I’ll happily read one thousand slightly different versions of the same story because I know i’ll like it. plus look at the police tv show, always same outline, people dig.

well, in a way, fanfic is a thousand versions of the same story anyway

but I do like seeing the same characters in different settings, like. They’re princes. Now they’re on a spaceship. Now they’re fighting Kaiju. Now one of them is MrDarcy. Now they’re lesbian pirates from outer space. Now they’re dinosaurs.

but they’re still with the same personalities, just dealing with different circumstances

to continue with your police show thing, the setting is always the same but you never know what weird murder will have happened this time

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Was and still is my favourite scene in #PrideAndPrejudice #MrDarcy #Love

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Watching #lostinausten movie can’t get enough of the dashing #mrdarcy