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I got tagged by phanandcheese to do this so here goes! (btw check out her blog, it’s pretty sweet)

What was your:
Last drink? - Vanilla honey chamomile tea 
Last phone call? - My dad, about a week ago?
Last text message? - Me telling my friend about the boat I’m gonna buy called the S.S. $wag Muffin
Last song you listened to? - Nicotine by Panic! At the Disco
Last time you cried? - Sometime in fall of last year
Have you ever:
Dated someone twice?- Nope
Been cheated on?- Negative 
Kissed someone and regretted it?- I’m not one to regret much of anything, so nope!
Lost someone special?- You have no idea
Been depressed?- It’s been around half a year since it started? Idk I have a horrible sense of time
Been drunk and thrown up?- Underage man. 
List 3 favorite colors: Black, yellow, red
In the last year have you:
Made a new friend?- Yeah
Fallen out of love?- HARD
Laughed until you cried? That’s seriously all I do
Met someone who changed you?- I don’t think so…
Found out who your true friends are?- I don’t think I ever will
Found out someone was talking about you?- Yep
Kissed anyone on your FB friend list?- Nope
How many people do you know on your FB friend list?- Everyone
Do you have any pets?- A giant dope of a dog, and a chubby cat
Have you ever talked to someone named Tom?- Wth? No.
What’s getting on your nerves rn?- My lack of drive
Most visited website?-YouTube
Blood type?- Who the frick even knows their blood type???
Nicknames?- Mommy because I keep snacks for my friends, spot them money, and keep a first aid kit in my locker
Relationship status?- Single lady!
Zodiac sign?- Aquarius 
Pronouns? She/Her
Favorite tv show?- Parks and Rec and Toradora!
How was elementary/primary school?- Awful
How was high school?- AWFULLLLLLLLLL
How was college?- Not exactly there yet…
Hair color?- Dirty Blonde
Long or short?- EXTREMELY short
Height?- 5'4
Do you have a crush on someone?- Not currently
What do you like about yourself?- Not much, I can bake pretty well though
Tattoos?- No
Righty or lefty?- Ambidextrous  
First surgery? None
First piercing?- Ears
First best friend?- This kid I’ve known since birth, he’s a butt-muncher but I still love him
First sport you joined?- Started figure-skating when I was 2
Eating?- Sugar cookie dough 
Drinking?- Lemonade

What are you about to do?- Put my cookies in the oven

What are you listening to?- AMBULANCE by MCR

What are you waiting for currently?- To be old enough to leave my awful town
Want kids?- Nope. Kids aren’t really my thing
Want to get married?- Not interested in that either…
Career?- Baker or author, but I know that’ll never happen
Which is better:
Lips or eyes?- Eyes
Hugs or kisses?- Why not both? ;) 
Shorter or taller?- Taller
Older or younger?- Older
Romantic or spontaneous?- Spontaneous
Nice stomach or nice arms?- Arms
Sensitive or loud?- Sensitive
Hookup or relationship?- Relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant?- Hesitant
Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger?- No
Drank hard liquor?- No
Lost glasses or contacts?- Contacts
Had sex on the first date?- Nope
Broke someone’s heart?- Mostly definitely 
Been arrested?- Nope
Turned someone down?- Unfortunately 
Cried when someone died?- More like sobbed
Fallen for a friend?- Yep
Do you believe in:
Yourself?- Lol no
Miracles?- I believe great things can happen…
Love at first sight?- Nope
Heaven?- I’d like to think there’s something after life, but not much opinion on the topic
Kiss on first date?- Why not?
Angels?- No

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I was tagged by vercnicasawyer. Thank youuuu! 

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Nickname: Chlo, ChloMo

Birthday 10th July

Star sign: Cancer

Gender: female

Height: 5′6″

Sexual orientation: straight

Favorite color: purple

Time at the moment: 1:10  PM

Average hours of sleep I get per night: I’m hoping about 8

Lucky number: 14

Last thing I googled: Morten Harket in the 90s

1 word that comes to mind: Daneland (I’m listening to Danish band Mew and that’s my version of Denmark)

Happy place: my home :)

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 in summer, at least 2 in winter

Favorite fictional character: Rose Tyler

Favorite famous person: Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

Celebrity crush: Brandon Flowers

Favorite book: The Snowman by Jo Nesbo 

Favorite TV show: Twin peaks, orphan black, ashes to ashes, due south etc

Favorite bands: a-ha, Savoy, the killers, Mew, Keane, Roxy Music

Last movie I watched: A Royal Night Out

Dream holiday: Norway with my pretty boy :3 

Dream job: film directing :D

What I am wearing right now: purple skinny jeans and a bunny sweater

i tag : piccolomu, thethreebuttsofa-ha, montypythons-flyingtardis, theswagwagonakatheswagon, anniecaine :D 


Absolutely Anything…

…is the name of my pal Terry Jones’ new movie, which stars Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, and the voices of Robin Williams and most of the Pythons.