Tumblr foster collective

This is my list so far, do you have additions? Like this post, or reply with additional names. Please feel free to reblog so that we can get the most accurate list going. Also, I would love to add the perspective of kids in care, so if you have those names, let me know!

foster care/adoption, written by adults:

foster care, written by siblings:

open adoption:




* next to those who also blog about children w/special needs 


♡ Low-Price Commissions ♡

♪♪ I could really use some $$ and I always wanted to do commissions so here we are!

Things I will draw:

-OCs (I would love to draw people’s OCs)
-generally most things
-tasteful nudity

Things I will not draw:

-super extreme mecha

If you have any questions at all, contact me either one here or my main blog, and give me an inquiries you have at all!

((And if you would like me to draw your OCs, it’s be great if you gave me some reference pictures or something like that and told me about them))

💕Thank You!💕