“Honestly I think one of the most disgusting things that the parks have is a size limit on the face characters. There’s no real reason that they couldn’t at least be a little chubby, and I know it has affected SO MANY women who want to be face characters. And I shouldn’t have to force myself to lose weight/change who I am when I have worked so hard to love my body just the way it is! Either Disney needs to make a plus-sized princess, or get rid of size limits.”

Exclusive: Keira Knightley Opens Up About Feminism in the New Issue of “Violet” 

“The beautiful cover imagery of Keira Knightley in repose might be the thing that entices you to pick up the latest issue of Violet, but the interview inside with the actress is what truly makes it a must-have. In conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, Knightley opens up about what it means to be a woman in the film industry, providing thoughtful insight into the problems many actresses—and women on the whole—face in today’s world.

“Where are the female stories? Where are they? Where are the directors, where are the writers? It’s imbalanced, so given that we are half the cinema-going public, we are half the people [who] watch drama or watch anything else, where is that? So yes, I think the pay is a huge thing, but I’m actually more concerned over the lack of our voices being heard,” Knightley states in the mag. “I don’t know what happened through the ’80s,’90s, and ’00s that took feminism off the table, that made it something that women weren’t supposed to identify with and were supposed to be ashamed of. Feminism is about the fight for equality between the sexes, with equal respect, equal pay, and equal opportunity. At the moment we are still a long way off that.”

Knightley also elaborates on her decisions to play empowered women, and says of her role as mathematician Joan Clarke in The Imitation Game: “I think it is interesting that for women in film the problems they face are generally put into the sphere of home and family and not into the workplace. Joan’s real struggles were to get her rightful ‘place at the table,’ and then once she was there, equal pay, which she never came close to.”

Read the full piece here

Photo: Violet Magazine

Feminist quote right there on the cover! Nice work Violet.

fitten-up submitted: 

 height: 5’4 / 164cm

before: 64kg / 141lbs

after:  53kg / 116bs

took me 2 years (first year slowly, second year I got into it, so only 1 year really)

Lost the weight due to a combination of cutting out all animal products (vegan diet), light calorie restriction and running/gymming/yoga/pilates!

fitten-up.tumblr.com / instagram @sophimogen :)

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Sivustolla kuitenkin muun muassa väitetään Urho Kekkosen olleen natsi ja että ruokasooda parantaa syövän. Sellaisen pitäisi soittaa hälytyskelloja.
—  Älkää missän nimessä lukeko tai jakako Mitä Vittua, tai MV-lehden “uutisia”. 
Vihamieliestä, rasistista paskaa, jonka ainoa tarkoitus on saada sivuston ylläpitäjälle rahaa. Sanokaa siitä muillekin, ettei kannata lukea, jakaa tai uskoa mitä siellä sivustolla tapahtuu. 

Kalevan juttu: http://www.kaleva.fi/uutiset/kotimaa/vihasivusto-tienaa-isoja-tuloja-tunnettujen-suomalaisyritysten-mainoksilla/693237/#.VRgiKbBbBMO.facebook

Luna by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP
Handmade screenprint with silver leaf accents on archival paper, Limited edition of 13. 

      A tattooed lunar goddess stands pensive atop the full moon. Moon deities exist in numerous cultures and all share similar qualities of divination, femininity, psychic abilities, dreams, intuition, and unlocking the unconscious mind.
Here, the goddess brandishes a silver ribbon which symbolizes the magical path illuminated for those who worship her. The cord falls, twisting itself around two broomsticks as it embraces the moon. The number two represents echo and reflection; an obvious face and a hidden depth. The brooms crossed behind the celestial body signify not only the two sides of the moon, but the two sides of the mind, our awakened conscious and clouded unconscious, as well as the two sides of witchcraft, benevolent white magic and ominous black magic. Though a witch might adhere to one side of witchcraft, knowledge of both sides must be obtained to truly find an enlightened magical balance.
      The color silver is associated with the lunar body and is thought to harness the energy of the full moon. Silver leaf accents emanate to form halos around the moon and goddess, again representing echo, reflection and more so the moon’s ability to access and reveal the magical powers hidden behind the veil of the unconscious mind. When a ring forms around the moon it is because moonlight reflects off of ice crystals in the cold night sky. The silver accents depicted are geometric in nature as a reference to these crystals and this phenomenon that causes many people to be superstitious. Furthermore, water is the element associated with the moon so the occurrence of a ring around the moon is visual reminder that the power of the full moon is amplified when it is empowered by water.
      Luna is a sacred print which has been blessed under the worm moon, the last full moon of the winter which occurred on March 5, 2015, and the print is imbued with positive energy and good fortune.