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happy 24th birthday, baekhyun! ♡

it’s so hard to think that you’re almost half fifty, yet your mentality is one of a five year old child :’) the past year has been a tough one, and you received so much hate from the public, yet you stayed resolute and strong for us and exo. i am eternally grateful for that and i hope that you will only receive more love in the years to come. you have always brought happiness to my life, with your little cute actions, your dazzling smile, or just your entire existence in general. i hope that no one can dim your light, because your fans will always shield you and make sure you continue shining like the brightest star you are. have a wonderful day, baekhyun! ✨


BMW 3200 CS, 1961 by Bertone. Designed by Giorgietto Giugiaro when he was employed by Bertone, this was the first BMW with a “Hofmeister kink” in the C pillar. Based on the underpinnings of the 502 sedan model, the 3200 CS was the last BMW with a separate chassis suitable for coachbuilding. It used BMW’s 3168 cc V8 engine. In total 603 cars were produced before production ceased in 1965

Poland: Jewish gravestones used to build outhouse

The tiny Polish town of Pilica hides an infuriating secret: Homeowners who lived in the town after World War II used Jewish gravestones to build an outhouse and parts of their home, apparently in an effort to defile the memory of the Jews.

The sight of dozens of gravestones bearing Hebrew writing as part of a structure that serves as an outhouse is unsettling. The home, which has been abandoned in recent years after its owners passed away, is littered with broken gravestones, an open wound in the heart of the polish village.

Jonny Daniels, the head of the From the Depths organization that honors the memory of Holocaust victims, was summoned to the house by one of the group’s volunteers in the area. He was appalled by what he found.

“I felt rage and sadness at the same time when I saw the egregious disrespect that our brothers’ and sisters’ gravestones had been shown,” Daniels recalled. “The only thing we leave behind in this world is our good name and our burial place. The moment that is taken from us, and used to build a house or worse, an outhouse, it is deeply insulting. It wasn’t enough that the Nazis tried to kill the Jews who were alive, the Poles later tried to destroy all traces that the Jews had lived.”  more

The New Antisemite


Kerry and Nnamdi

Ouija Board experience?

pieceofmoon submitted:

During one of the school holidays, some friends and I decided to try and speak to spirits using a ouija board. My friends didn’t want to do it round their houses, so as my mum had tried one when she was little and believed it was real (she had spoken to her grandma who predicted her result for a test at school, which she then got!) she let us do it at our house. I’m pretty surprised she let us, as we were quite young and I do get freaked out quite easily.

I live in a historic city in England, and my area is bursting with history - a world war bombing a street away, an 800 year old church and a large graveyard, huge manor houses’ and halls, a legend of an underground tunnel used in the war under the road outside my house, which supposedly had a dead woman in side,  - my neighbour even found the entrance to the tunnel in her house, my old middle school down the road is also old and Victorian, the whole area is just a pocket of believed sightings and history, and what we thought would be interesting spirits.

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