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Jonathan Groff and Christian Borle singing If Mama Was Married from Gypsy

your faves singing genderbent showtunes

1. Run Away With Me-Carrie Manolakos // 2. Fly, Fly Away- Aaron Tveit // 3. This Nearly Was Mine-Kelli O’Hara // 4. Life of the Party- Jonathan Groff // 5. Maria- Sutton Foster // 6. The Game- Jackie Hoffman // 7. Let it Go- Jeremy Jordan // 8. You’ll Never Walk Alone- Steven Pasquale // 9. A Boy Like That-LIn Manuel Miranda and Raul Esparaza // 10. One Song Glory- Eden Espinosa // 11. Stars- Sierra Boggess // 12. Bring on the Men-Josh Young // 13. Being Alive- Patti LuPone // 14. Defying Gravity- Norbert Leo Butz // 15. Buenos Aires- Aaron Tveit // 16. Mean to Me- Megan Hilty // 17. You’re Nothing Without Me- Sutton Foster and marin Mazzie // 18. Finishing the Hat- Stephanie J. Block // 19. If Mama Was Married- Christian Borle and Jonathan Groff // 20. I’m Alive- Nicole Parker // 21. Let Me Be Your Star-Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff

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Jonathan Groff performing Anything Goes at the 2012 Miscast Gala

Edge of Tomorrow was really good, but...

I liked Edge of Tomorrow! It was a very solid summer action flick and Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt carried the film extremely well together. I also really liked the novel All You Need Is Kill and what I read of the comic adaptations. The potentially problematic pacing and action scenes in the film were both handled extremely well and it does a good job of explaining its brainy time travel concept to a mainstream audience. I also think the creature designs might be my favorite of all depictions of the Mimics from any version of the story. 

There’s just one thing that’s been bugging me. At some point from the page to the screen not one, not two, but three characters changed races, and one changed race and gender, all in favor of getting more white dudes in the main cast. 

Keiji Kiriya (Japanese man) = William Cage (White man)

Sgt Ferrell (Brazillian-Japanese man) = Sgt Farell (White man)

Shasta Raylle (Native American woman) = Dr. Carter (White man)

I’m not usually one to bring up race or complain about bad casting or whatever, but this was just kind of (very) disappointing. I mean, you have an excellent opportunity to faithfully cast a multinational, multi-ethic group of interesting characters, and you rewrite them to yet another bunch of middle aged white dudes. Because we needed another movie cast that looks like that. I liked you, movie. I wanted to love you. But casting a diverse group of disposable nobodies as your side characters does’t really make up for this like I know you think it does.

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Jeremy Jordan performing ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.