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Miya Ando Steel Paintings 2005-2014

Miya Ando

If you’re not already familiar with her work, multi award-winning American post-minimalist artist Miya Ando has produced many contemporary art pieces in recent years. Today, however, we’re featuring Ando’s incredible Steelcanvas collection.

Influenced by the redwoods in Santa Cruz and the simple, reductivist and minimalist setting of the Buddhist temple in Japan, where she was raised, Ando’s paintings typically consist of steel, patina, pigment, and automotive lacquer. The result is unique, refined and subtle artwork.

Ando explains why she enjoys working with steel:

The innumerable shades of grey within the material has always transfixed me. I think it is quite elegant and refined. The steel is a cornerstone of strength and permanence and yet all things are transitory. It’s really interesting to get it to go in these unexpected ways.

There’s very little doubt in my mind that Ando’s works on steel canvas are post-minimalism at its best. Beautiful.


Solo Exhibition currently on view: www.sundaramtagore.com

Miya Ando

美夜 安籐






a list of things that WOULD make tumblr better instead

  • getting rid of that stupid slide out blog thing when u click a url from your dash
  • being able to minimize an audio post so u can stop it without having to scroll all the way back
  • not being able to change the OP’s caption on a post
  • a block system that is actually useful
  • just hire the bloody xkit guy