This day in Rooster Teeth history: May 3


  • 2003: Episode 5 of RVB is released.
  • 2010: Geoff and Jack tell us all the info in AHWU before releasing a Guide, then Geoff and Gus give us two guides (x, x).
  • 2011: Geoff and Gus release another Guide, but so does Fragger by himself, then one with Ray. Gavin releases his most viewed video of all time, while Michael is 1/3 of the way through his Let’s Play on his personal channel. 
  • 2012: Jack and Geoff tell us an Easter Egg, Michael gets angry for Rage Quit, while Fragger and Geoff release a This Is…
  • 2013: The AH guys try to get to The End, while things get messy in Slow Mo Guys. Geoff and Jack show us the latest Fails of the Week before Geoff joins Caleb to announce Game Night, then joins Ray for a Guide. To round it off, Ray and Michael show us the latest Fails.
  • 2014: Michael, Gavin and Adam all get up to hijinks in the latest RT Life.

My third let’s play is out! Will Lindsay and I finally win a round of Family Feud? Or will America TOTALLY FUCK US AGAIN GECKOS ARE FUCKING SPOTTED GODDAMN?!

Find out now! <3

I'm so sorry

I’m not going to my to lie I kind of forgot about this account for quite a while, but I promise I will try to post on this account as well as my other account ( mairifreewood )which still has ah/rt posts among others but this should be strictly ah/rt

Again I’m sorry for forgetting but I’ll try post more now

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Here we have Episode 2 uploaded and ready to watch! We hope you enjoy, and please do keep sending in questions for us to answer in Episode 3! Send in questions either via the youtube comment section on this video, or send us in an ask with your questions here :)