"I was doing a cover shoot for Life magazine. Disney world closed Epcot Center to the public so Michael would not be disturbed. They treated him as if he was Mickey Mouse reincarnated. Michael was over three hours late and I was getting mad. His manager, Frank Dileo, told me Michael was out doing his door to door work as a Jehovah’s Witness. I thought, "What a great excuse. How can you get upset with someone who is trying to serve God?" But how could Michael not think about all the people waiting for us to get our photography done so that they could go back to work, or the visitors who might never again have the opportunity to experience "the world of make believe?" The moment he arrived, he looked at me and said in his little voice. "Lynn, you are so beautiful." All my anger melted. He just smiled and I was a goner.

I was doing my James Brown moves and finally he joined me. I got to dance with Michael in the Tunnel of Light.”

- Photographer Lynn Goldsmith