Finn's Earring


It was one of those boring nights of the midterm. Finn had just escaped the clutches of Stacey. The Swan was still refusing to serve them despite the fact the right dodgy fake ids that Chop’s brother procured  for them no doubt from the twat Kendo. 

'What the fuck Chopper, the bloke in the pictures got a beard! He's like forty' The i.ds were crap but it didn't half give them a laugh every now and again getting each other to go to the offie and try to convince the old mare that it was them. Archer getting tossed out on his arse, his glasses slipping off and the id being thrown at his head was one of Finn's cherished memories. The look of indignation as Archie stood up brushed himself off.'Well I never' he said haughtily before sauntering away. 

It was a Wednesday night the excitement of midterm was wearing thin the three lads and some of their usual mates Barney, Lizard and Little Al were hanging about a patch of scrub land behind the Spar after being shifted from Rutlands by the bigger lands. They had six warm lagers and a shoulder of cheap rum lifted from the cornershop Lizard’s parents owned. Finn of course was master of tones as the boys took swings  from the rum laughing at their scrunched up faces as the cheap alcohol burnt a fire through their throat. The mix clicked over it the loud screech of Graham Coxon guitar shot through their laughter. 

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