@mattfincham thankyou for gettin up a fuckoclock in the morning and managing to put together and produce an amazin breakfast show!! to wake a whole nation up (and keep people?? all over the world up tbh)!! thanks for consistently getting ellie goulding to drop in at completely random times and have a lovely chat with nick!! thanks for all the impromptu live-lounges where you got to show off your superb piano skills :):) thanks for keepin the team in line and thanks for sometimes being the reason that the team wasn’t in line!! thanks for showbot and all the great people of the nation you got on the show (shoutout to the guy that got a tattoo of showbot), thanks for checking tumblr and twitter and listening and replying to us and giving us shoutouts!!! thanks to nick for all the Matt Songs™ that graced the airwaves constantly. shoutout to all the #ladsladslads shows but also all the #legendsinthemaking shows. thank you for 2+ years of makin me so fuckin happy!!!!!! were all gonna miss you :(:( CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PROMOTION THO.



so, i haven’t done one of these in a while & i figured it was time. the last time i did one of these, i think i’d just hit like… 800 followers?? & i honestly thought THAT was a lot. but i’m never less grateful for every single one of you that decide to hit that little plus sign & follow me, because it means so. much.to have people that actually like me & my portrayal enough to have me stinking up their dash 24/7. let’s be honest, i’m a rotten fiesta potato. i mean am i right or am i right. i’ve been playing scotty for over a year now, & every time i think i couldn’t love him anymore wOOPS another day goes by and i continue to be in love with a fictional character. but hey, i signed my soul away & i’m alright with it. I’VE ACCEPTED IT. because i really think i’ve done a good job of bringing him to life & staying true to him as well as i know how, & i’m so lucky & happy to be able to say that 1.1k people at least agree in some aspect??? i just, i. i love you guys so much & you’re all so amazing & i wish that i could roleplay with every single one of you but HONESTLY i’m incapable of being that productive. but i still stalk everyone & appreciate everyone and s OB over these people’s writing skills on a daily basis. hell, even if i’ve never talked to them out of character a day in my life. anyway, thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. for loving me & loving scotty & actually interacting with me & liking my posts & being cuties because i notice every bit of it & it always makes me smile!!! ;’)) if i forget everyone, consider yourself telepathically mentioned because i LOVE YOU. 

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