Keep an attitude of obedience

The psalmist David said of God, “sacrifice and offering you do not desire. Nor have you delight in them; you have given me the capacity to hear and obey [ your law, a more valuable service than] burnt offerings and sin offerings [ which ] you do not require” ( psalm 40;6) God delights in the atmosphere of our obedience. Naturally, it doesn’t do God any good to talk to us if we aren’t going to listen and obey. For many years, I wanted God to talk to me. But I wanted to pick and choose what to obey. I wanted to do what He said if I thought it was a good idea. If I didn’t like what I was hearing. Then I would act like it wasn’t from God. God has given us the capacity both to hear Him and to obey Him. He does not require a higher sacrifice than obedience. Some of what God says to you will be exciting. Some things God tells you might not be so thrilling to hear. But that doesn’t mean that what He tells you won’t work out for good if you will just do it His way. If God tells you that you were rude to a person, and He wants you to apologise. It won’t work to answer back, “ well, that person was rude to me too!” If you talk back with excuses, you may have prayed, and even heard but you haven’t obeyed. Instead,Go apologise if God tells you to do so. Take yourself through the walk of obedience and say to that person “ I was rude to you, and I’m sorry.” Now you have obeyed. Now God’s anointing can flow through your life. Because you are obedient. I was moved by a story about a message from a pastor of a very large church who spoke at a pastors conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hundreds of pastors came from all over the nations to hear this man tell what he did to build his church. He told them simply, “ I pray, and I obey. I pray and I obey.” One of the ministers who attended this meeting expressed to me his disappointment in the pastor’s message. He said, “ I spent a that money and went to all that distance to hear this world renowned leader tell me how his ministry grew to the point it is. For three hours in various ways, he said the same thing, ’ I pray, I obey, I pray, I obey, I pray, I obey’ I kept thinking, surly there’s something else. Looking back over nearly three decades of walking with God. I would have to agree that if I put into words the simplest explanation for all the success we have enjoyed, we too have Learned to pray, hear form God, and then do what God tells us to do. Over the years I have been seeking God about the call on my life and pressing forward in what I feel He had told me to do. The essence of it all is that I have prayed, and I have obeyed. It has not always been popular with everyone else, but I have prayed, I have obeyed and it has worked. God’s plan is not hard; we make it hard. If you want God’s will for your life, I can tell you the recipe in it simplest form: pray and obey. God has given you the capacity to do both.

And obey
And obey
And obey
And obey
If you do that before you know it, you will have stepped into God’s perfect plan for your life.

- Joyce Meyer

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Monday, 4/27:

Kelly & Michael: J. Spader
Daily Show: E. Olsen
Letterman: S. Johansson
Fallon: RDJ
Seth Meyers: J. Spader

Tuesday, 4/28

Kelly & Michael: M. Ruffalo
Fallon: J. Renner
Seth Meyers: L. Cardellini

Wednesday, 4/29

Kelly & Michael: C. Smulders

Thursday, 4/30

Ellen: C. Evans & S. Johansson
Fallon: S. Johansson
Seth Meyers: C. Smulders