It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the thing you do with it. You are beautiful.
—  Stephenie Meyer, The Host

anonymous said:

Jack, do you have any embarrassing stories about the other newsies?

I have plenty of stories about people doing things that should embarrass them, but I sometimes wonder whether anybody here feels shame. Pack a few dozen guys into one room every night, and all social niceties go out the window. That’s one place they could have gone to, anyway. The only sure thing is, they ain’t here.

I ain’t talking about things like sucking your thumb or sleeping with a pair of boots under your arm - there’s nothing embarrassing about doing what you need to do to feel safe. And there’s no sense in getting embarrassed over unavoidable bodily functions, being scared of things, and looking like an idiot sometimes. Around here, any guy who can burp the whole alphabet is a god among men. Nobody’s keen on the idea of ghosts. And if we started calling people out for doing stupid things, we’d never have time for anything else.

So I guess that’s what I’m thinking here. I wouldn’t exactly enjoy it if someone went around talking about all the embarrassing things I’ve done in my life. Maybe I should keep my own counsel on this one.

But I do have one good story. Like lots of good stories, it starts and ends with an unlikely hero. Let’s call him by his name. Let’s call him Tumbler.

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