Rebellion is when you look society in the face and say I understand who you want me to be but I’m going to show you who i really am.
I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be

The Force is strong in my family. 

My father has it… 

I have it… 

my sister has it… 

you have that power, too.


She spoke words that would melt in your hands
What nourishes me also destroys me.
—  Angelina Jolie



The Indigo Milk Cap: an edible blue beauty

Considered by some as a gourmet wild mushroom, and by many other as with mediocre quality, the truth is that the flavor of the stunningly beautiful Lactarius indigo (Russulales - Russulaceae) is supposed to vary more than other mushrooms, depending on the trees they’re associating with, the soil and other aspects of their growing environment.

It has a firm texture and peppery and somewhat bitter taste, but the mushroom can be used for culinary preparations such as pizza toppings, stuffed omelets and stir fry dishes, and is mostly sold in rural markets of China, Mexico and Guatemala.

Here you can find a recipe to cook this beauty.

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Photo credits: [Top and Middle: ©Ritter Walder | Locality: Paque “El Haya”, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, 2012-2013] - [Bottom: ©A. López | Locality: not indicated, 2006] 

The BP Oil Spill Happened 5 Years Ago Today. We're Still Paying the Price.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster, by the numbers.

U.S. Coast Guard/ZUMA

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago today, killing 11 men and sending nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the sea. After the well was finally plugged, the national media went home, but the story is still very much unfolding everywhere from federal courtrooms to Louisiana backyards.

Let’s have a look back at the nation’s worst-ever oil spill, by the numbers:

Icon credits (via Noun Project unless otherwise noted): Oil barrel—Marco Hernandez; leaky pipe—Evan Udelsman; airplane—Luis Prado; boat—Kevin Chu; cash—Natalie Clay; eviction—Luis Prado; money paper—Alex Tai; pelican—Jennifer Gamboa; birds—Joe Looney; dolphins—Matthew Hall; oil spill—Andrew Hainen; permit—Luis Prado; oil rig—Patrick Trouvé; tourist—Jerald Kohrs; oyster—RedKoala/Shutterstock