Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor.”, says an Irish proverb.

Wishing you all a happy Autumn Equinox, and a merry Mabon for those of you who celebrate it! :)

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January: Halloween Hangover

February: Couplesween

March: Irishween

April: Its not halloween…APRIL FOOLSWeen!

May: MemorialWeen

June: SummerWeen

July: Americas Halloween

August: AutumWeen


October: HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!

November: ThanksGivWeen

December: Merry Halloween

whynotfour said:

Writer's block hits Luke's teenage daughter like a train as she sits on the kitchen tiles surrounded by crumpled ideas and her father's prized guitar.

Lilly was stuck. She sighed and looked down at the paper in disgust, the inspiration she had was somewhere floating outside by now and she wishes she could just go out there and pick it back up with a smile and be on her merry way but no her brain wouldn’t allow that. “Whatcha doin’ Lil?” her father asks as he sits down beside her on the floor, crossing his legs and taking his guitar and strumming a few strings as he listened to his daughter complain about songwriting. “Daddy the talent show is a week away, I can’t just quit” the fourteen year old girls lip started to quiver at the thought of backing out of the show, the show she was so excited for. “Relax baby, let me help you okay?” Lilly simply nodded as the braid in her hair began to untangle. “So whats your subject?” Luke asked as his mini me looked up at him with a blush, “Joshua Irwin” she replied looking back down at the tile in embarrassment, the older boy was a splitting image of what his father used to look like when her uncles were their age. Luke cleared his throat and wrote it down. “Okay, so what did you and Josh do today?” he listened intensely as she told him that she might be to young to know what love is but she’s positive she’s in love with the boy next door and it scared her. Luke and Lilly were now in the element, Lilly was smiling as her dad taught her the chords and she gave him lyrics and in his opinion were way better than anything he ever wrote. “Platonic” was the songs title and Lilly stared at the final product in awe. “Thank you daddy!” she jumped on Luke and gave him a huge hug, “Anything for you Lilly Pad” he mumbled as he kissed her forehead.  

Maker’s Breath! What can I say? Thank you all for putting up with me for the past… Seven months? Has it really been that long? If you had told me when I started out that I would gain more than 250 followers in such a short time, I would have told you to get out of my face. It’s been such a blast being on here, and I’ve met so many wonderful people who have helped me grow as both a person and a writer. I have been so blessed to be in this community. So, merci beaucoup mes chers amis.

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