I’m just going to recommend WITCH to all of you. It’s not at all megaten related but it was what got me started on drawing all those years ago because look at the art

Here’s a website where you can read it. Since they’ve stopped officially translating the comics into English, some very helpful fans have started translating them from European languages. If you are interested in a subversion on the magical girl genre, good female characters (and villains!) and POCs that aren’t horrible stereotypes or nameless side characters, definitely check WITCH out. 

(not the animated version though, it really doesnt do the comic justice. Actually the second season is actually really good. Don’t bother with the first season.)

One of the creators’ tumblr is here. Barbara Canepa. The other creators are Alessandro Barbucci and Elisabetta Gnone. They also collabed on another comic called Skydoll that’s aimed for more adult audiences, the art is even more gorgeous in that one.  

  • FINAL FANTASY FANS:Forever in denial of how good the series is, was, and will be even though the series has always been slightly above average at best.
  • DRAGON QUEST FANS:Cool folks with good taste until they start talking about Square-Enix's reluctance to bring games to the west, then they become unbearably annoying.
  • POKEMON FANS:Okay, not really annoying except until an argument arises about which generation is the best.
  • PERSONA FANS:Unbelievably annoying cunts who never shut up about how "good" and "progressive" the series is. Often times they read too much into subtext.
  • REGULAR MEGAMI TENSEI FANS:Cool people, generally have good taste, get annoying when they but heads with Persona fans. Can't comprehend why their part of the franchise isn't more popular.
  • ETRIAN ODYSSEY FANS:Quiet, unassuming, decent folks.
  • WILD ARMS FANS:Have no idea what their series even is but they like it none-the-less
  • PHANTASY STAR FANS:Cool people but forever salty that Sega has abandoned them
  • SHINING FORCE FANS:Buried and forgotten long long ago