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Kaidan doesn't have any flaws

Oh, nonny. 

I mean, I think it’s pretty clear which character I love most above all others. I’ve only written entire fics dedicated to him and screamed about my undying love for this little shit at the top of my lungs on a regular basis.

But doesn’t have any flaws? Let me tell you about Kaidan Alenko’s flaws.

He’s a judgemental little turd. EDI even calls him out on it in ME3 during the party. He has some strong opinions and forms flash judgments about the people he meets based on them. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t change his mind later, ‘cause he’s a grown man capable of admitting when he was wrong, but he doesn’t always renege on the things he’s said.

He lets his emotions get the better of him sometimes and shoves his foot so far down his mouth, it’s a miracle people don’t see his tail. While sometimes his propensity for not thinking before he speaks is endearing (re: Citadel ‘there’s no reason they wouldn’t like you’) it also lands him in hot water, re: Horizon. (Not saying he’s wrong, but his delivery left a little something to be desired - as did Shepard’s.)

He’s exceptionally stubborn. Not always a bad thing, but not always a good thing, either.

I’d say he’s also a bit vain, though this is more a personal interpretation. He certainly likes to be seen as fit and capable. He wants to know he could take Vega in a fist fight, ‘cause Vega is beefy mchuge in ME3. 

But I mean, these all make him the rich character that he is. Without flaws to balance out the wonderful parts of him, he wouldn’t feel real. That connection I feel to his character wouldn’t exist because a perfect person isn’t something any of us can really relate to. For all Miranda’s talk about her being engineered to be perfect, she’s far from it. Perfect characters aren’t interesting, don’t have anything to offer, and don’t have any room to grow. All the interesting things happen to them but not because of them. They don’t make mistakes or bad judgment calls. 

Kaidan Alenko absolutely has flaws, and it’s one of the reasons I love him so much.

The Geth Engineer is an under-rated class.

This geth has a 66660 build, in which Hunter Mode is the 0. (It makes my eyes go all wibbly, so it’s completely useless to me.) The Geth Turret was specced mainly for damage, although I take the option of increasing the frequency of shield boosts too.

This geth was armed with an M99 Saber with the extended barrel mod and the thermal clip mod.

And my geth outscored a Harrier-wielding TGI, and got >2x the score of the Black Widow-equipped Trooper.

Geth. They’re awesome.

so as y’all probably know by now the dlc supers for toz are “cameos” (e.g. lailah gets kongwai’s super) but i find paid dlc that isnt gameplay-expanding (e.g. new scenarios/plot extension/dungeons) rather silly

i mean its not like you NEED milla dressed as takane shijou ok i do but ignore me im scum

but something like l&l while it was included in togf would be a good example of something that could make a dlc episode (edit: disregarding the fact that a fair amount of ppl think l&l’s writing is atrocious, im talking about the gameplay additions) and i would be more willing to pay for that (like, fuck i bought “the citadel” for me3 which was hella fun, btw. if i believed in soulbonding i would be motherfucking grunt)

oh idfk man what y’all think?