- Masculló sin detener el paso, había pasado la última media hora en busca del pequeño aparato extraviado. No podía encontrarlo por ningún lado y estaba a punto de volverse loca. Elevó la vista lo suficiente para encontrarse con otra persona.- ¡Hey! - Exclamó llamando la atención de su acompañante.- No has visto un celular sin dueño por algún sitio, ¿verdad?


—Suiza… —masculló más para sí mismo, sentando en un lugar de la nieve abrazando sus piernas como si eso fuera a aliviarle el frío. —Suiza tenía que ser. "Será divertido, Patrick". ¡Yo no me estoy divirtiendo, me estoy congelando! —exclamó, al tiempo que una enorme bola de nieve chocaba contra su rostro acallando sus quejas. Se volteó al lugar de donde provino con odio en sus ojos, listo para asesinar al culpable.


talking about masculity, i was thinking about david sedaris’ interview in the daily show i don’t understand the aversion men have to sharing dessert?? like that isn’t straight??? what do you do when you want dessert but you’re full and you don’t want the whole thing??? and when it’s two men having that same issue?? what do they do??? they stay without dessert or waste half of it because they can’t eat anymore????? str8 men are weird

¡Demonios! —masculló, cuando consiguió incorporarse un poco del sucio suelo del metro. Definitivamente, ya nada podía empeorar aquel día. No después de llevar la camiseta del revés, haber perdido las llaves, haber encontrado un pelo en el café, haber discutido con su casera, haber pisado un chicle, haber llegado tarde a su segundo empleo y haberse estampado de boca contra el suelo de la parada de metro más sucia de todo Londres mientras vestía un ridículo traje de pollo amarillo. El día estaba siendo, para Logan, sumamente perfecto. —Bien, has sido testigo presencial de la apoteósica caída de la mujer pollo. ¿Serías ahora tan amable de ayudarme a levantar? —habló a la persona más cercana, puesto que le dolía uno de los tobillos.


Entonces, debemos...

…hacer el trabajo —masculló, observando de reojo al rizado, apretando los libros contra su pecho, ambos aún parados a un lado de la puerta del salón. Apenas habían pasado minutos desde que la clase había terminado, y la idea de tener que compartir nuevamente su espacio vital con el más alto ya comenzaba a agobiarle—.

Gender Role Problems

I am a very proud mother of a very amazing 4 almost 5 year old boy. This little boy runs my world. He is fantastic in every single way. He is loving, courageous, intelligent, compassionate, and creative. 

His birthday is next week. The past month I have been a mother on the hunt for birthday presents, themes, cakes, and a card for my little boy. My little boy made a list for the things that he wanted for his birthday. 

*Queen Elsa’s cape

*Queen Elsa’s gloves

*Toothless The Dragon

*Hiccup’s helmet

*Power Rangers

*Hot wheels Track

*Frozen Record

*Buzz Lightyear Costume

*Woody Doll

*RC (from Toy Story)

*The Lego Movie

*Kitty Piano

*Dog Guitar

*Kitchen Set

*Harry Potter Wand

*Lego clock (Batman)

*How Train Your Dragon 2 (even though it is not out yet)


*Gardening tools

*Sonic Screwdriver


*Frozen bicycle 

( and so many other items that I don’t have time to list)

I have done the very best that I can accommodating his list, getting him the things that I could find for his special day. Noting that I can’t get everything not just due to the sheer volume but because they don’t sell the Frozen, Tangled, Merida movie items for little boys. I couldn’t get the cape without it being attached to the dress. And even then it was to small for him even if i took it off. 

My little boy wanted a “Toothless” party. He wanted a complete dragon party, with TinkerBell, and Sofia the first. We bought the things for a “Toothless” (How to Train your Dragon) party, and I wanted to get him a card that he could frame with one of his favorite Disney ladies on it. 

While searching the cards at my local store with a friend of mine we scoured the shelves for a card that my little guy would like.While staring at the cards for children with a definite line down the middle separating the pink side from the blue side, we could not find a card that we could use for him. This came to no surprise to me, but I was still stunned that I couldn’t even find one on the “girls” side that didn’t use the word princess. Then on the “boys” side they all said little guy not taking in to consideration the little girls that might like Power Rangers, or that the little boys might want a Sofia the First card. 

As a mother and a fellow person who likes things considered for the other gender I am hurt for my little boy. He is having to grow up in a world that still puts him on a side. He is still being told that he isn’t on the right side by taking him away from “girl” stuff. Just because he is a boy doesn’t mean that Elsa, Merida, Anna, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, Meg, Tinker Bell, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Jane, Captain Amelia, Lady, Nala, Sally, Emily, Maid Miriam, Duchess, Anastasia, Jesse, Perdita, Kanga, Minnie, Daisy, Susan Murphy, Alice, Helga, Toothfairy, Fiona, Helen, Nani, Lilo, Esmerelda, Hermione, Amelia Pond, Mavis, Astrid, Sophie, Lucille, Fran, and Sofia, as well as the many many other outstanding women in film and television aren’t people he should look up to.

There are so many other qualities that these women bring to the picture than their gender. They bring pieces of who they are and what they stand for. They have their beautiful personalities, and so much more to offer than ball gowns. They have parts of themselves that I am proud to say that my son wants to emulate. HE wants to be like these brave, intelligent, compassionate women. He wants to be like them and be friends with them. The fact that he wants to be like these women is something that I celebrate. The fact that I can’t find something so small as a card for my son. Something that just didn’t say princess lets me know that we haven’t moved very far on the gender roles front. 

Shouldn’t it be okay for my son to be like these women to pretend to be them when playing in his room. It should be okay for him to pretend to be Merida standing up for herself. It is okay for him to be Elsa building her ice castle. It is okay for him to be Belle saving the Beast. It is okay for him to be Ariel trading fins for legs. It is okay for him to be Susan Murphy saving the world. It is okay for him to be Sofia saving the kingdom. It is okay for him to be the men in these movies. He can be Hiccup, he can emulate the Doctor. It is his right to be who he wants to be. 

It is not the place of any mother in the store with little boys making fun of the fact that my son likes mermaids, causing him to cry, to even try to tell me that my son is wrong. When all is said and done those two little boys have no right to tell me son he is wrong, “odd”, or “weird” for liking them. 

We are going to have to take responsibility for us and our kids. We have to keep moving forward, and not stay stuck where we are or kids like mine are going to face adversity for the rest of their lives. Adversity that they shouldn’t have to deal with.

To know that as he grows older he is going to face adversity for what he loves. Young girls are going to face adversity for the things that they love. that may not fit in their “gender”. I would like to hope that those of you who read this will gain some insight, and we can all leave a little more enlightened on where we should be going instead of where we are. 

Awesome! My friend Nathan ‘Skippy’ Smith @supersaiyanskippy sent me some Dragon Ball shorts! Now I can be a real life #dragonballz #dbz character!
Also, he wrote me a poem, how cuteeeeeeee!
“J is for jester, that Jamie’s said to be;
A is for anonymous sex offender, please offend me;
M is for my eyes, wishing Jamie was all that I could see;
I is for imagine, the children of Jamie and SKIP-PY;
E is for emotional closure, for the need of sexual equality.
Ahaha, for those that don’t know, he’s straight and has a gf. I much appreciate the sentimentality and silliness though. :-D (at Pine Hills Lodge)

anonymous said:

Feminism is about the equality of genders, just to inform you. It involves men as well, because why should men suffer too? Men shouldn't have to be 'manly' to be a man, they should be able to become primary school teachers without being judged and they should have the rights to conform or not to conform. Feminism covers this, just thought I would inform you. (though I do understand any confusion because of it's name) I hope I've helped you a little, I apologise if this comes off mean at all D:

Again, I wasn’t dissing hard on the fundamentals of feminism, I was mimicking and exaggerating masculism in the same way some feminists convey there message. 

This website is a fine example of how any woman labels anything vague as sexism
Woman gets called a bitch by a man? That’s sexist????
I get called a cunt by a woman? That’s not sexist???

A lot of people are mislead in how they label a negative incident, appologies if my post didn’t convey that properly. 

asking-me-to-crown-the-empire said:

You say you fight for anti-masculism and i am guessing you are a feminist. You can not be against musculism and be a feminist as feminism is the idea that women should have the same rights as men. how ever if you are against masculism (The idea that men should have the same rights as women) you are basically against feminism as well or being a massive fucking hypocrite.

No, I am not a feminist, I am a WRA - Women’s Rights Activist and an equalist. And I do believe women and males are equal per se, but I believe there are differences between the two and they complement each other. I know that women are naturally inclined to be good leaders, rational and intelligent, compassionate and lifegiving - while males are suited for following. They have more muscles and muscles are made for taking directions from the brain - women - and their brains are wired to take commands, as we see in the military. Women do not fit in the military as well as males because we are made to give orders, not take them.

I don’t think we should discriminate and such, but we should recognize these differences and work together so that the world will have peace. The current situations of war and terror in the world is because males do not follow their natural roles and thus disrupting the peace and balance by taking on the women’s role.

Feminism and Male-Heavy Statistics

I am a feminist. And I do care about male rape, male suicide, male prison sentencing, the rights of fathers to see their children…

Men are also harmed by the societal perception of men. *I am not disputing this.*

But the way to get these issues talked about is not to yell at feminists for not talking about them. And the whole “men’s rights” thing… well, let’s just say that all those people who say that feminists hate men might want to look at their own movement- because it’s producing more vitriol than what it claims is producing vitriol.

So, for tl;dr:

1. We can talk about violence against men. We should. But you do not need to shove it into every discussion of violence against women.

2. If you want to have a discussion about men’s issues, maybe you shouldn’t attack people talking about women’s issues.

3. Women not having sex with you is not a major issue, it’s a sign that you are either someone that puts women off or that you are after the wrong kind of women. You are not owed a supermodel.

Abridged tl;dr:

I care about your issues, that doesn’t mean they have to be part of every conversation. Women not wanting to have sex with you is not misandry.

As we’ve previously covered, the 2011 sci-fi Attack the Block makes some fantastic points about racism and racial inequality. Equally as important, though, is the script’s focus on performance of masculinity. Attack the Block has a mostly male cast, and each of them starts out acting very stereotypically masculine—they curse at each other; they rob people; they use weapons; they buy, sell, and use drugs. They believe that behaving this way will naturally lead to respect and acknowledgment from their peers and from society. However, over the course of the movie, each character learns to perform masculinity in a way that’s less harmful and more responsible.

Spoilers for Attack the Block below.

Read More

Recently, I can’t look on social media without seeing someone posting feminism content that attacks and makes monsters out of men. It’s getting to a ridiculous point that feminists are attacking other feminists for not being ‘true feminists’. While I agree that certain aspects of feminism are needed, it isn’t taking into account the rest of society. Men, other races aside White and other sexuality are being pushed aside whilst feminists fight for women rights. Not taking into account the fact that only 11% of men get custody of the child after a divorce, not taking into account that if a man claims he has been raped he is laughed at or even worse point blank told he is lying. The fact that 80% of suicides are males.I’m not saying that women don’t have problems, I’m saying that people are forgetting that it isn’t only women who are suffering from equality issues in this world. The recent crisis in Africa, 300 girls where taken prisoner and the whole world cried out for their return; as much as I support this, and I feel it was wrong that they where taken - nothing has been done to prevent child soldiers. Boys as young as eight being stolen from families, having a gun shoved into their hands and being forced to fight for a cause they don’t fully understand. Nobody is going to rescue those young boys. Society isn’t recognizing that Gay Males are the victims of the largest amount of crime in the LGBT community. Just look over to America to realize that a black man can be shot down as part of stand your ground law, despite being a defenseless teen, Before you preach out and blame a patriarchal society look around at the problems as a whole. Women fear catcalling, men are twice as victimized by strangers as women. 1 in 10 men are the victims of paternity fraud and a young boy raped by a woman can be forced to pay child support to his rapist if she gets pregnant, that’s real sexism. The world is a messed up place, that isn’t fair to men, women, black, white, latino, asian, gay, bi or transgender. We need to start treating everyone as an equal, because that is honestly the only way things are going to get better. Peace and Love

feminism: I’m a human and deserve rights even though traditionally I’m regarded as an object, as property, or as existing to please men, which has caused me extra stress and sometimes endangered my life simply for being born and choosing to occupy space, and for that the patriarchy can suck a dick
Men’s rights activists: I can’t BELIEVE that BitchCunt McDykeWhore just referred to my precious wiener as something negative! Burn her at the stake and violate her slutty corpse. *shits in diaper*

Putain de menteur, de voleur, de misérable escroqueur de bouts de chandelles… Espèce d’inanité humaine, de ventricule amolli, de boyaux de porc farci à la merde… Saloperie d’homonculeur de mouches, de sale rampant maremmatique, de corpuscule empâté, de pitoyable âmasculé de ta mère : « Ah bonjour oui bonjour ! »… En te souhaitant que ce soit là ton dernier, de jour ! Putain d’enfoiré des enfoirés… Merde alors ! (non non c’est rien, je viens juste de croiser mon propriétaire dans l’escalier, NDLA…)

Ah ! Que la vie est quotidienne.

huge sarcasm tag on this one but Quinn OBVIOUSLY slept with the kotaku guy for positive depression quest press that never actually appeared because women constantly and consistently use their sexuality as a weapon to get what they want. that’s just how women are. evil harpies. this is why i need masculism