Apparently some man babies are complaining that Fury Road doesn't "show any men in a good light"

ignoring the fact that for most movies you can’t even argue whether its shows women in a good light (since there’s one or none present), it’s just ridiculous.

Obviously Max is a hero and Nux has a great redeeming story arc, but they obviously weren’t paying attention to the big picture.

Women are used for their feminity in the simplest of terms. They are sex slaves, breeders, or feeders. But the men are used in the same way! The War boys are indoctrinated from a young age that their purpose is to hunt, fight, and protect their people. Hyper masculization leaves them void of love, tenderness and human connection.

It’s simply the post apocalyptic patriarchy. And anyone who doesn’t fit in either of those extreme gender roles gets left at the bottom to fight for scraps.

One of my own male role models, Kurt Cobain, said, “Women are the only future in rock and roll”; I’d apply that to culture in general. Not that women are genetically or inherently superior, not that there’s nothing wrong with our culture’s idea of femininity—but the most toxic behaviors, the ones that killed the world and continue to kill it? They’re all packaged together in the culturally approved madness we call masculinity. And our best hope might be handing the reins to the half of the population that wasn’t raised to call that madness their birthright.

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do you reject the feminist label or do you reject the notion of feminism?

it depends on what you define as ‘the notion of feminism’. tumblr managed to twist it in so many different ways, including fighting for equal rights for everyone (not only men and women but also lgbt+ and straight people, coloured and white and so on), but it will always be a fight for women. it does not include fighting for men, that would be masculism (NOT MENINISM). also the feminism as it is now (especially on the internet) is much more of a fight for women in developed countries. fighting to ‘destroy the wage gap’ (which is widely misunderstood either way. here), implying there is rape culture in the us (????????), and focusing on meaningless details like some douchebags’ tweets. there are still cases of sexism and inequality but to be honest sometimes a fight for them does no good. encouraging women to work in fields of science and politics is okay, but they should be doing this ONLY because they love it and they’re good at it, not because they got a scholarship based on the pure fact that they’re women. and they shouldn’t get discouraged by shitty comments like ‘but it’s a job for men’ just like men shouldn’t get discouraged by being told their job isn’t ‘manly enough’. who gives a shit really? do what you like, getting butthurt over it on the internetz won’t help you. i feel like the real point of feminism should be to focus on less developed countries, homelessness and things that are not granted in all 1st world countries (legal and safe abortion, for example). at the same time let’s remember that, contrary to most teenage girls’ beliefs here, men don’t have all the rights in the world and require fighting for too

Bring me back 🙏
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Same Sex Marriage in Ireland

I literally never thought this day would come in my lifetime. Growing up in the 90s may not have been the most homophobic period of history in comparison to previous generations. But it was certainly a log different being gay in the 90s than it is in the 21st century. With the constant reminder of the deeply religious that being gay is a sin or wrong or unnatural. Thank God I became an atheist before I did decide to come out. Can’t say it would have been easier without denouncing religion. Then of course when I was a teen apart from the usually use of the Q word and the other F word (which I don’t necessarily regard as homophobic given the context); there was a constant de-masculating of gay men and de-feminising of lesbians. 

Then there where the constant stories of gay bashings outside the George night club. Even on television a tv show (with the very rare exceptions) would not dare have a gay character and certainly not seen in positive light. It wasn’t until the early 2000s when many of the UK and Irish soaps suddenly started writing gay, lesbian and bisexual characters. Its really only recently that the transgender people are getting a similar treatment (such as Sophia from Orange is the New Black)

The LGBT have been isolated and outcast in Ireland for a very long time. It took the Irish government all the way to 1993 to decriminalise same sex relationships. This is incredible to even comprehend. I was still 8 years old during that time. Imagine to think that 22 years ago my entire existence was a criminal offence. But luckily for me; the law was changed before I reached the age and time when ones sexuality starts to come to surface (generally speaking of course). 

Of course over the years attitudes changed and evolved. The mainstream media from all across the globe started to portray homosexuality in a more positive light.  More celebrities started coming out. Stephen Gately of boyzone (who tragically passed away back in 2009) was one of the first of my generation to come out and he did so on his own terms. I’ve always has so much respect for Stephen for doing so and I remember reading his article in the Irish Sun (possibly the only decent piece of writing to ever come from that tabloid). He was regarded by many as a champion for gay rights and he truly was. While Stephen was not the first celebrity to come out in the 90s; many other celebrities started to admit the truth about who they are after. 

In 2004 marked a lawsuit in which became known as the KAL case. The case involved a lesbian couple from Canada who where legally married and recognised as married in Canada. Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan pursued a legal case to Ireland’s high court in order to get their marriage recognised as to obtain the legal rights that go along with it. This was such a huge human rights issue that it attracted global media attention (including media sources such as The Boston Globe). The couple where even interviewed on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show. 

Sadly in 2006 Ms. Justice Dunne found that although a “living document”, the Irish constitution had always meant for marriage to be between a man and a woman, that the definitions used in the Civil Registration Act of 2004 was an expression of the current attitudes of the state and that she could find no reason to change that. This was a hard blow for LGBT rights in Ireland that year and I would dare say it was a sheer embarrassment for my country. Or as Katherine Zappone herself put it "Out-fucking-rageous” and yes it truly was. 

So in 2010 (17 years after the decriminalisation of same sex relationships); the Irish government granted the persons identifying as homosexual to apply for civil partnerships. While this was a very important step in the right direction for marriage equality; it simply was not the same. It simply did not have all the same rights as an actual marriage; a civil marriage. At best it was a second rate version of marriage; but certainly not the same thing by any means. However in saying that; many loving same sex couples made the best of it and 1,695 same sex couples registered for civil partnerships since it was legalised. 

And now here we are 5 years later with fully fledged civil marriage for any consenting adults in the republic of Ireland with no distinction of gender. That is marriage as it should be. We’ve certainly come a long way to get to where we are. Despite all the dishonest propaganda the No Campaign tried to dump on social medias, campaign posters, television debates and interviews; equality truly has prevailed. I’ll be very honest with you, I don’t actually trust the Irish government much at all. As a matter of fact; I don’t trust much of what most politicians have to say on a lot of matters. But at least we can say there is one thing they got right; human rights and equality. I found for instance Joan Burton’s speeches and interviews to be very impressive, moving and even inspiring. As for former President Mary McAleese? Well what can I say? There is a person who really knows how to deliver an impressive speech, a moving speech and most importantly an honest speech. Speaking on behalf of actually having a gay son; you can tell she understands and she knows the unjust of being treated unfairly. 

So we finally have same sex marriage in my home country and I’m still taking it in. I still only half believe it. But its real, its here and it was voted in by the people of Ireland. 

But there are still some obstacles to face for the LGBT community in regard to equality. While same sex marriage is legal; that doesn’t mean that homophobia doesn’t exist anymore. Its still there, there are still hateful people, insecure people who will try to bring us down. So it is up LGBT the whole world over; to continue having conversations in person and in social media to educate others and hopefully allow them to see things a little differently. I believe that people can change for the better; I suppose its got to do with being a humanist. 

And what about that unfair ban on gay men donating blood? I hope one day this ban is lifted. I hope one day people realise the fact that anyone can be screened and tested to insure they are free of any infection or disease. And these blood donations may very well save a persons life. Its not just about gay rights; its also about giving gay men the opportunity to make a difference. 

And as for the transgendered community. I fear they get mistreated the most unfairly. Because I truly do feel the problem is not with them; but with society. There is an outrageous lack of misinformation regarding transgenderism and transsexuality. So to the T of the LGBT; you have my support and deepest respect. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to live and be the gender you feel you are deep in your soul and mind. Continue to be who you are and show the world that you are proud of who you are. 

So I will leave you by saying; continue to treat others as you wish to be treated. Nobody wants to be treated as an outcast or a lesser of others. We all came into this world the same and we shall leave it then same.  

Image courtosy of James Cummings (NOH8 at IU 03 on deviantART) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Women are not equal or greater than men. They should be subservient. No women should be in a high position over us alphas as any type of authority. You dumb westerners have ruined the image and place of women. Instead of being the nurturing housewives as they are meant to be, they have become these unethical, unruly, masculated beings. Stop twisting the minds of females. Gays should not be advisers to women. I no longer support gays, Too many are feminist and have masculated women.

I… I.. Don’t even know what to say to you… You’ve obviously decided to live misogynistic lifestyle. Honestly can’t believe there’s millions of people that think just like this out in the world.

  • So hear me out, 'feminism' is derived from 'feminine' which is female attributes. So why isn't the opposite group named 'masculism'? They're different words, don't even sound remotely similar. I could perhaps understand a 'masculinist', maybe they'd be someone who believes anyone can be masculine, no matter the gender or sex. If that's the case, they'd probably be for equality.
  • 'Meninism' is like taking the woman and just sticking a man in her place. The woman doesn't matter, there needs to be a man in her place because clearly men are the only ones who truly matter and women trying to become equal has just become annoying to them.
  • Low and behold, the men's rights activists...

tbh ppl who laugh @ the boot camp half of full metal jacket make me v uncomfortable 

like there’s some great examples of that really weird and dark kubrickian humor in full metal jacket (see: the scene in vietnam with the 20 dead bodies in the hole and the man describing how they died, but stopping every few words to smile at the camera. hilarious) but the systematic breaking down and hyper-masculization and dehumanization of these soldiers - training them to see their rifle as a phallic symbol which led to their violent and abusive treatment of women later in the film, abusing them emotionally, causing them to turn on each other, become “killing machines” and proud of it - is not such an example and i cannot understand anyone who finds humor in that situation

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Hi, I was wondering if you could do the mini playlist with the letters of my name :D My name is Necolette. If not, that is also groovy. Have a splendid evening.

Hi Nik!!!

Everything is Embarrassing // Sky Ferriera
Contrails (feat. Tegan and Sara) // Astronautalis
O Pato // Karrin Allyson
London Bridge // Fergie
Emasculate the Masculine // The Unicorns
That’s Not My Name // The Ting Tings
TKO // Le Tigre
Everybody Wants to be a Cat // Scatman Crothers 

Thank you! :-)

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you know something that bothers me about "meninism"? The formation of the word. If it's meant to mirror "feminism" the word should be "masculism". Idiots.

Both “meninism” and “masculism” sound like parody words anyway. Then again, the ideology is like a parody

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“¿Qué te pasa, gorda cementerio de canelones? ¿Algún problem? Vení que te cago a trompadas, gila. Te la das de viva y después salís rajando, eh, puta”, masculló en su idioma natal, quitándose los auriculares de los oídos en el mismo momento que se acercaba un par de pasos hacía su contraria con los brazos abiertos. “Uh, cierto que no me entendés. Bueno, rajá…ou de aquíou putitaou

❝last night;;❞  || ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  ♥«.. elastichearttx ..»♥

———–—{ ♔ }; Un punzante dolor colapsó su tranquilidad, acechando la placidez de sus sueños. En su cabeza palpaban continuas y persistentes corrientes, agobiando al inglés hasta en su inconsciencia. Basto el peso de una sensación amarga abarcando su energía entera. Theo, somnoliento y confuso como en ninguna otra ocasión, se desperezó en un santiamén. “Jodida resaca.” masculló, maldiciendo en cuchicheos poco comprensibles. El desconcierto fue mayor cuando se descubrió a sí mismo en una cama que no le pertenecía, junto a otro individuo que a duras penas reconocía “¿Desde cuándo…estoy aquí? ¿Tú y yo acaso…uh? Dime que no.”