There’s so much amazing writing and layering in the season two finale of Veronica Mars, but the one that got me this rewatch was the emphasis that was put on how Veronica wasn’t a killer. Even when she was pushed to the absolute brink (thinking that Mac and her Dad were both dead, knowing that Cassidy killed Meg and the other people on the bus, knowing that Cassidy is the one who raped her and put her through hell) she can’t pull the trigger. Even at her absolute darkest moment, she’s not a killer. 

Logan? Logan’s not a killer. Logan could have pointed the gun at Beaver but he didn’t, he just cradled Veronica. When he saw him about to jump off the building, Logan tried to stop him. Logan was visibly extremely upset at seeing Cassidy jump. Logan’s not a killer. 

But you know who was a killer? Duncan mother-fucking Kane.The good guy to Logan’s tortured bad boy archetype. The sweet first love. And Logan and Veronica, two characters who have been portrayed over and over as dark and gritty and willing to go to extremes, can’t kill. 

But Duncan orders Aaron killed for something Aaron did years ago, doesn’t blink an eye, and goes to playing with his daughter two seconds later. Out of everyone, Veronica’s not a killer, Logan’s not a killer, but Duncan?

Duncan is cold-blooded.