It’s after the year 2000. We live in the future. Why are we still dressing like we don’t have a robot sending us selfies from Mars?

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I have a headcanon that every year Elsa got a present for Anna, but she always froze it, so eventually she gave up.

I agree with you. I mean, I’m sure Elsa would still would want to be close to Anna even though her powers would get in the way and they keep her from her sister. 

I can imagine that setting on Christmas, like maybe Elsa would leave a present for Anna under the tree. Maybe that’s how Anna got the Anna doll. 

You see when the girls share the room they keep their stuff on their side of the room and when Elsa leaves she takes all that stuff on her side. Elsa has an Anna doll while Anna has an Elsa doll. 



But later during Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Anna is playing with both dolls. So Elsa could have given it to Anna. 



L: “You didn’t tell me you and Piz were a thing.”
"My love life didn’t seem relevant…"

Veronica fascinates me in the movie. For a good chunk of the first half of the film, Veronica is very flirty with Logan and kind of playing with fire, which she acknowledges during the two car scenes (“Then again, you ever hear the one about the junkie who was satisfied with just one more taste of the good stuff? …Neither have I." // "Do I get a chip for this? …Leaving the bar without taking a sip?”). She knows she’s tempted, she’s acknowledging it, but instead of taking measures to distance herself, she willingly dances around it. When they’re alone, her body language becomes more open, more flirty, more playful. She’s enjoying the game as much as she’s enjoying the dive back into detective work, these are her adrenaline rushes.

When Piz- her boyfriend- is in the same room as Logan and Logan subtly calls her out on her behavior during the past few days a day later, Veronica acts very curiously in that her guilt- and irritation- is very obvious. Kristen does a pretty great  character move of having Veronica look to and away from Logan very quickly and unsure of how to busy her hands- like a child trying to appear innocent.

Veronica also becomes agitated when “confronted.” She becomes prickly and avoids eye contact. She curtly agrees Logan should leave the reunion (a stark contrast from her playfulness just minutes earlier outside), and responds just as tersely when a peeved Logan- who was clearly getting vibes from her before- brings up Piz (startlingly similar to her open annoyance when Wallace informs her Piz is flying in). She knows she was doing wrong regarding her behavior with Logan and she doesn’t like being confronted, one way or another, with that knowledge.

While it’s not a likable character trait throughout the film for our heroine, I love how human it was. Veronica isn’t a stupid person, she knew exactly what she was doing and her visible unease when confronted showed that. It made me wonder how far Veronica would’ve dipped her toe in, had Piz not showed, if she would’ve tried to see how far she could take it. Would she have cheated? Probably not. But she sure enjoyed messing with the idea.

It’s not likable behavior, but I thought it to be a great character choice since it’s something we so rarely see with her. It made me go “Veronica, what the FUCK are you doing?” but it also made me very intrigued as to where it was going, character-wise for Veronica. It’s very much okay to let the hero be human, even if it makes them unlikable.

(special thanks to nightlocktime for helping with the videos for the gifs!)

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Some of your favorite songs? :)

  • sure thing - miguel
  • bound to you - christina aguilera 
  • down with the sickness - disturbed
  • whore - in this moment
  • did my time - korn
  • is it wrong - lana del rey
  • running up that hill - placebo
  • shoots and ladders - korn
  • cold - crossface
  • sad girl - lana del rey
  • girly show - faderhead
  • man in the box - alice in chains
  • hurricane - 30 seconds to mars
  • crazy - aerosmith 
  • bb dont cry - sango
  • so high - doja cat
  • smokin and drinkin - ozzie
  • tessellate - ellie goulding 
  • your kisses - daughter
  • heart shaped box - nirvana
  • jealous girl - lana del rey
  • lies - marina and the diamonds
  • love you more -eminem
  • lolita - lana del rey
  • stronger than i was - eminem

AND SO MUCH MORE OMG I also have a lot of music here