Happy Birthday, Little Brother || Jocedox

Jocelyn was exhausted. She had been through so many tests within the past 24+ hours, and her head was killing her, but as she laid back on her bed, she sighed softly. Today was her little brother’s seventeenth birthday, and she was so glad to be able to be home for it. She was able to be released early due to her still being in school, and she didn’t seem to have any side effects to the medication that they put her on, so the doctors said as long as she was under someone’s supervision at all times, she was free to go.

She had convinced her fathers not to tell Maddox about her coming home so she could surprise him, and she chewed her lip as she waited for him to come home from school. She swallowed thickly and couldn’t hold back the smile when she heard him come through the door, so she straightened out her hair, popped a couple asprins for her headache, and slowly walked down the stairs.