I find the manga/anime really tame and often prefer to read fanfics that acknowledge how messed up the narutoverse is. The setting is a war ravaged continent where Geopolitical power is based on how effective your army of assassins are. Child solders are the norm. Not to mention P.O.W camps, slavery, civilian slaughter, and other atrocities that would occur in such a setting. Give me the dark, gritty, and bloody stories. The realistic ones.

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signs as mayday parade songs
  • aries:center of attention
  • taurus:kids in love
  • gemini:happy endings are stories that haven't ended yet
  • cancer:hold on to me
  • leo:get up
  • virgo:walk on water or drown
  • libra:if you can't live without me, why aren't you dead yet?
  • scorpio:bruised and scarred
  • sagittarius:i swear this time i mean it
  • capricorn:angels
  • aquarius:anywhere but here
  • pisces:ghosts
what to give them (in a relationship)
  • aries:a challenge
  • taurus:devotion
  • gemini:laughter
  • cancer:security
  • leo:attention
  • virgo:appreciation
  • libra:friendship
  • scorpio:truth
  • sagittarius:adventure
  • capricorn:commitment
  • aquarius:freedom
  • pisces:food 3 times a week and make sure their tank is clean or u will have to flush them down the toilet.