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MY g O D? ? ? ?  ? (x)

Awww, shucks, thanks to all of you for your nice birthday wishies~!! And whoa, I need to write that poem down and show it to my Master!! He likes those things and I think that one’s a keeper~!!

Alrighty!! My awesome birthday started out with a really small party consisting of Kiku, Francis, and Mattie. They’re really the only friends I’ve got, heh!

Mattie made me a flower wreath and I was real happy, ‘cause flowers are pretty and stuff~!! Kiku and Francis gave me some type of food, but I ate it with them, even though they said it was mine and they didn’t want any.

After a few hours, I was hungry again and decided to go on a hunt for food~!! But along the way…

I SUDDENLY GOT CHASED BY THIS GIRL!! I didn’t know who the heck she was, but I really think she was trying to kill me!! I saw that she had dark fire, which I’ve never seen, so I think she’s that dragon who has that scary, big rumor… u-uh…

Anyways, I eventually hid in the trees and she lost me. What I relief, I tell ya!! ‘Course, though, I coincidentally hid behind the trees in my… secret place.

And yeah, I kind of got distracted by him… again. The usual. He was playing tag with Kiku. Kiku’s lucky, that’s for sure…

Going back home was the the best part of the day, ‘cause Master and I went to see the fireworks~!!!

The sparks and stars sparkled aaaaaall night~!! It was really, really cool!! I know one day I’ll fly just as high as those fireworks, just you wait~!!