I'll Never Be Lonely Again

~On a hot Kansas night 
I pulled you in tight 
And gave you the words I’d been holding 
I gazed in your twinkling eyes 
And kissed you for the first time 
And I felt my life suddenly gain meaning~

“Dean, we need to be going.” Cas muttered under his breath as he shuffled aimlessly where he was standing just inches from the hood of the impala.

Dean rolled his eyes as he sprawled out on the hood and let his mind sink into the blanket of stars laid out above them. “Relax, alright?”

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"Se non vuoi illuderla, non illuderti, perché se ti illudi vivrai con la tua immagine dentro alla tua illusione e di conseguenza sarai illuso da lei, che è diversa da quello che tu hai proiettato nella sua persona e allora finirai per illuderla…e che hai risolto?"

Per questo nessuno dovrebbe chiedermi consigli in materia di relazioni di coppia.

Hey Everybody! I guess since the intro for “Star and the Forces of Evil” has been out for a while now, I can post this! Here is an alternate version of the intro sequence I storyboarded- kind of a first pass to what the current “Star” intro sequence ended up being. It took a little over a week to do, incorporating a lot of input from the show’s creator Daron Nefcy. It was a challenge to try and stuff everything about the show into 30 seconds all while keeping time to the song. This is an “animatic” (so no animation) and since this won’t make it to air I thought the fans might get a kick out of seeing it. Enjoy! 




Shai: I had a lot of fun working with Theo. Having him by my side felt really reassuring and comfortable. I feel protected by him in a really great way.

Theo: Shai has a strong sense of self and a strong sense of how she wants to handle herself as an actress and as a person who is really unique and really strong. She can keep two feet on the ground but still be able to achieve everything she wants to achieve. She’s a much better person than me, basically.