Haaaaaaave you met our new soap boxes? We have two beautiful new sets on retro packaging, just begging to be taken home!

In box number 1 we have our lilting lemon soap with real soft sand for gentle exfoliation. Now what’s cooler, than being cool? ICE BLUE! That’s right folks, Ice Blue is a marvellously minty soap; perfect for clearing your head of all your worries.

In box number two: for smells to bring you right to the sweet heart of cotton candy we have The Godmother and Rockstar. Let these delectable treats transport to a time of excitement and sweets!

All our soaps use a palm free base and are made with sorbitol (derived from corn syrup) replacing MPG (mono propylene glycol) to help reduce environmental impact.

Return to the Home by the Sea (Classic Who fic) 1/5

With the advent of October comes my annual Halloween fic.  This will be x-posted to FFN and Teaspoon, so feel free to read there, if you prefer it.

Title: Return to the Home by the Sea
Rating: PG13 (for action/danger)
Chapter summary: In which Jamie and the Doctor meet their new client, and find time to bicker a bit.
Notes: The characters aren’t mine and the story is!  This fic is a sequel to last year’s Halloween fic, “Smith & McCrimmon Investigative Services, Ltd,” and while I’ve done my best to keep it as independent as I can from that fic, there will be some references to it.  Also, as with that fic, this will be written in Jamie’s POV.  Lastly, there will be Weeping Angels involved this time around, but I’ve worked it out so that the Doctor will have next-to-no contact with them, so as to preserve the timeline.  As with the first fic, this one is Season 6B.

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Back for More 62

When Desmond knocked on Altair’s front door he felt weird about it. It still felt weird coming over to Altair’s house since up till recently it had only been for booty calls. Now though it wasn’t and Desmond felt awkward. Somehow going over to your boyfriend’s house was more awkward than going over to your fuck buddy’s house. Maybe because he knew what to expect from Altair back then. Now he didn’t and it made him nervous and awkward because he didn’t want to ruin this chance he had.

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Watch on jameskryackltd.tumblr.com

Hi Tumblr. I’ve been going through a sort of funk lately and decided to make this video. Watch if you want, and I hope you find the message in it that I was trying to convey.

The initial line-work of a sticker I illustrated for the very talented Paul, of Editions Limited ! The stickers will be included with all the orders of Stay Young, Edition Five. (An independent publication which serves as a platform to showcase photographic talent from across the globe.) I’ve had a sneak peak at it already and it’s quite the visual spectacle. Stay (young) tuned for updates!