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My personal favourite guitars - as requested! 

(10 of my favourites from top to bottom and in no particular order) 
-Gretsch Silver Falcon
-Fender Stratocaster 
-Gibson ES-335 
-Fender Jaguar 
-Gibson Explorer 
-Music Man Armada 
-Gibson Les Paul 
-PRS Custom 22  
-Gibson SG 

You Snap the Whip

After a long punishing day sometimes all you crave is a hard scrub in a hot shower. Water coursing down your body and a gorgeous exfoliating body butter…(maybe someone equally gorgeous to show you how to use it!)

Fair trade organic cocoa butter moisturises your thirsty skin while powdered charcoal and pumice shed away dead skin allowing the macadamia nut oil to encourage new cells to grow. A dash of bergamot oil to help clear the skin and lift your mood with cypress oil as a gentle antiseptic and to gently tone the skin.