Also need to forge a 3/8x1 tab at the of these 3.5" from the shoulder. #powerhammer #dragonforgeltd #DirtySmith #blacksmith #blacksmithing (at dragonforgeltd.com)


Forging ½" tenons out if 1" round using a 75lb hammer. Little clean up with the monkey tool at the #anvil #blacksmithing #blacksmith #DirtySmith #dragonforgeltd (at dragonforgeltd.com )


Here it is the new discontinued list! (For UK, not sure about elsewhere yet.) I am not as sad as I normally would be because of all the fantastic new things coming out, I assume, of Oxford Street to the rest of us.

Most sad about Dorothy bubble bar which is one of my all time fave bubble bars, everything else I can live without but there will definitely be a few I will miss and will likely stock up on.


1972 Ford LTD

There is Bill’s Burger Bar, and Bill’s Gay Nineties, and then there is Bill’s Van & 4x4 Center on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, where you can often find relics of The French Connection-era New York, like this ‘72 LTD.

It is said Bunkie Knudsen brought the beak-like front-end with him from Pontiac when we left there for Ford in 1968. Mr. Knudsen was not with Ford long. Lee Iacoccoa fired him in 1969, but this dramatic look was applied to the Thunderbirds and LTDs of the early seventies.

The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed with her son Sean H. Ferrer after her shopping at the Bvlgari jewelry store, on Via dei Condotti, in Rome (Italy), in December 1964.

Audrey was wearing:

  • Suit: Givenchy (of black wool, short coat with a small collar in the mandarin style, single-breasted with buttons coated with pom poms of black silk yarns, seams overstitched and detail of lateral vents, and skirt in a straight line, both pieces lined with black silk, of his collection for the Autumn/Winter 1962/63).
  • Hat: Givenchy (a slightly larger size of the pillbox model covered with a scarf of tweed, creating the effect of a turban hat, of his collection for the Autumn/Winter 1963/64).
  • Handbag: Cartier Ltd. London (of black crocodile with gold-plated chain straps, purchased by Audrey in 1961).
  • Shoes: René Mancini (of black leather, of the collection for the Autumn/Winter 1963/64).

The same model of her short blazer (here, as part of a suit with a skirt in other line): http://www.metmuseum.org/Collections/search-the-collections/96755?rpp=20&pg=6&rndkey=20131025&ao=on&ft=*&who=House+of+Givenchy&pos=102