The Signs as Leslie Knope quotes
  • Aries:"I believe assault should be legal if the person is a jerk."
  • Taurus:"Why do good guys hate me and gross guys love me?"
  • Gemini:"All the things make me think a lot of feelings about myself."
  • Cancer:"Do not blame me for the sins of my mother!"
  • Leo:"I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things."
  • Virgo:"What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me."
  • Libra:"No matter what I do, literally nothing bad can happen to me. I'm like a white male US senator."
  • Scorpio:"I just opened up a can of Whoop Ass on myself!"
  • Sagittarius:"You are so brilliant and kind and stupid-hot!"
  • Capricorn:"I love you, but I don't need your sarcasm."
  • Aquarius:"I am big enough to admit I am often inspired by myself."
  • Pisces:"I guess some people object to powerful depictions of awesome ladies."

so recently i got to 2k+ followers, and i decided to show my appreciation by making another follow forever!! i haven’t even had this blog for a year, and the fact that i have over 2,000 followers will always be astonishing to me. 

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EXO react to going to Disney World

Xiumin: Taking a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse like “Lu-ge, which of us is the cutest Minnie?” Just follows around the others happily, bouncing around and greeting the characters.

Luhan: “You’re obviously cuter, Baozi. Please don’t let them make me go on the space mountain - I don’t like heights.” He still ends up standing in the line with the others, fidgety and nervous to get on the ride.

Kris: By the end of the day, he’s haggard from having to keep watch over the kids and translating, but he’d have fun on the rides, screaming loudly on the Tower of Terror. “We’re not doing this again. Tomorrow, we go to the beach.”

Suho: “Why are my kids like this?” He spends the whole time worrying about where his kids are, stumbling off the teacup ride after Tao and Sehun spun it as quickly as possible to see that they’ve abandoned him.

Lay: Somehow ends up onstage in a performance at Cinderella’s castle, very confused how he got there, gently pulled offstage by Chen, who gets him a cotton candy. “Why were giant mice wearing gowns and dancing?”

Baekhyun: Due to his bad sense of direction, he gets lost on the way through Magic Kingdom, calling Suho to come get him. “I don’t know where I am… there’s a ton of people, and a carousel, and I’m hungry… Come buy me food.”

Chen: “So, when are we going to Universal Studios? Kyungsoo and I want to go to Harry Potter World - there are better rides there, too.” He’d laugh on all the rides that others are screaming on, secretly helping keep track of others.

Chanyeol: Busy flirting with every Disney Princess he comes across, winking greasily and speaking a little English. “You’re very pretty. I love you.” Then he’d get shy and hide behind Kris, laughing in embarrassment.

DO: “So, the children all worship this Mickey Mouse character? Tonight, I have a new plan to try to take over the world.” He’d snicker and end up being pulled around by Kai to take pictures together with the characters.

Tao: Checking his hair after getting off rides, he and Sehun ran off to enjoy the park on their own, but eventually he gets nervous and goes back to find his Suho omma and Kris gege. “It was Sehun’s idea to leave the group!”

Kai: He’d be running all over, taking pictures with characters and tugging Kyungsoo after him. “Hyung! I just saw Goofy! We have to take a picture to send to Monggu so he knows I’m thinking about him!”

Sehun: “It was NOT my idea! I just wanted to go on splash mountain again…” After reuniting with the group, he’d purposefully avoid sitting next to Tao on rides to get back at him until he gives Sehun his Mickey Mouse ears.

Bonus: (Just look at the cute little dorks having fun together at Disney.)

- Admin J
(Also… Pinky and the Brain, anyone?)

I Kind of Love You

“I kind of love you.” The words came from Dean’s mouth before his mind could catch up with his mouth.

Castiel didn’t seem the least bit phased by it, as he flipped another page of his cheap paperback. “I love you, too.”

The two sat there, Dean thinking it was uncomfortable and Cas thinking it was nothing out of the ordinary. To Dean, the words hit a string in his heart that made the pounding drum too loudly in his ears. He has only ever spoken the words to three people in his life: Sammy, Mary, and John. There have been relationships, some that have even gone on for years, but Dean had always found a way out of speaking those words.

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PK Subban punches Milan Michalek in the head (after Michalek is returning from a concussion) just because he wants to see how loudly he’ll be boo’d on Sunday night, apparently. 

I don't even know your name

*Shawn’s POV*

“Don’t forget me!"She yelled, then all at one she was pulled back into the crowd. I had lost her in a sea of faces. There was something special about her and even the thought of her brought a stupid grin to my face. The thing is, I didn’t even know her name. I didn’t know her story. All I knew were those eyes. Those beautiful eyes and that smile.

I desperately looked back into the audience for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. It seemed almost impossible to spot one face in an audience, so vividly, yet I had noticed her. The fans loudly sang my lyrics back to me, which was an undescribable feeling. I had to forget her and perform for them. They all deserved w much attention as she did. Yet for some reason she was all I could think about.

"My next song is called Imagination. This is for you little miss no name.” I spoke, causing the audience to go into overdrive. As I gently began to strum, I noticed her from the corner of my eye. She smiled, a knowing smile as I sang my heart out to her. Maybe if I ever came to her hometown again, I could get to know my little miss no name.

bruh gamergate is disgusting omg

“We were about fifteen minutes into the panel when a woman in the second row stood up and identified herself as a Men’s Rights Activist. She and her male companion both came to raise issues they felt would not be covered by our panel. Raising points about the way men are portrayed in comics struck a note with all the panelists, as we agreed that we want to see a diversity across body types, characters, races, etc in mainstream comics. Not everyone wants to see a hero who looks like he’s built like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. They also accused us of presenting all women as victims, which was an outright lie and derailing tactic.
I truly believe in freedom of speech, but coming to a panel with the entire purpose of derailing it and shooting down the voices on the panel isn’t constructive. It appears that was their plan for the expo, to come and to loudly take over the spaces of other people – although it was not violent or threatening, it’s disrespectful, disappointing and offers a prime example of why these panels need to exist in the first place.”