Sleepy Hollow opened up the archives and invited us in to poke around their set. There I got first-hand experience in a small, but pivotal, role as an extra—plus a ton of on-set photos of Ichabod’s haunts and creepy supernatural world.

Can’t wait to see this part!

"In walks Tom Mison. He is in full Ichabod Crane mode: hair flowing, eyes darting. Ichabod enters the club spit-firing his dialogue in the disdainful manner that only Mison can get away with. He’s at once fascinated and derisive, a beautiful balance. Oh, Ichabod, you hate everything, and that just makes us love you more! What’s even stranger is that Ichabod is still in full period dress and yet he sticks out way less than his cohort Nick Hawley. The blonde-headed Hawley is wearing the traditional "good guy" henley paired with a shoulder gun holster. Yes, this is apparently the kind of character who walks into a club with a gun. It’s ridiculous, but only in the way that makes Sleepy Hollow wonderful (Hello, shirtless scorpion acid trips).

The two characters are generally unamused with the situation and make their way to the bar. There Ichabod gives Hawley the third degree about his intentions toward Abbie Mills (who is sadly not in this scene). While the love interest angle is implied, Hawley appears much more interested in Ichabod’s implied love assumptions. “Did she say something?” he asked, in such a manner that I have to assume that this love connection is merely a flirtation on Hawley’s side. But it’s a flirtation that drives Ichabod mad, and that’s great.