"I was having a Viggo moment - getting people to check out the moon, and Viggo suggested trying to cross the river. I’m like ‘Fuck off,’ and he says ‘Come on.’ So there we were, barefoot, waist-high in water, walking on these little rocks to get to the other side and i’m doing it because i’m an idiot and i’m following his lead. Because he’s an idiot. And because he’s amazing. I can’t believe how much this is going to make it sound like i’m in love with the guy.”

Orlando Bloom


The Return of the King World Premiere (Wellington) ↬ December 1, 2003

On 1 December, 2003 Wellington hosted the World Premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Crowds massing close to 120,000 lined Wellington’s streets to salute The Lord of the Rings filmmakers and stars as they paraded through the central city in open top classic cars. Led by a group of Maori conch callers, the parade also included groups of The Lord of the Rings characters - Hobbits, Orcs, Elves, Rohan, Gondorian soldiers, Ringwraith Riders, Easterlings and Uruk Hai. The filmmakers and stars stepped from their cars on to 470 metres of red carpet, stretching the length of Courtenay Place. They spent hours signing autographs, posing for photos, talking to fans and giving media interviews. Three giant screens projected the World Premiere scenes for all to see - Wellington City Council [x]