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i'm literally afraid of men bc of what's been done to me and the way they treat us. yet 'hating men' is for no reason. lolk misogynists.

This is one of the biggest violences they inflict on us IMO. They treat us like shit and then as us to love them, and get even more violent if we don’t.

I don’t get people like this Yorick. During champ select, he continuously said he wanted to lose the game. Match begins and he immediately places a ward mid lane, then goes under the tower giving Orianna first blood. Then he teleports to the ward and does so again. Throughout the whole game he just goes around the map feeding each lane, going into enemy jungle and giving Yi free kills.

I took a look at his match history in Lolking and it seems like this is a constant of his. How he hasn’t been banned yet, I don’t know.

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Name: julia
Nickname: n/a
Birthday: november 11
Gender: female
Sexuality: pretty bi but romantic tendencies towards males
Height: 164/165 cm
Time zone: Mountain Time Zone i think?? 
Time and Date: 9:52 PM, 13.06.14
Average hours of sleep: ~5 hours weekdays, like…7.5-10 weekends
OTP: ….layhan, xiuhan, kai x everyone, kaibaekchansoo u__u, seKAI
Most used phrase(s): uhHHHhhh, wat, okok, lolk, ??????????
First word that comes to mind: uh
Last thing I said to a family member: take the watermelon i don’t care
One place that makes me happy and why: libraries, book stores, cafes, my bed, my sofa (i’m great at instructions). the first three because they’re quiet yet full of a productive energy, and the last two because i sleep on them LOL
How many blankets do I sleep with: one! generally a down blanket all year round cept for those really hot summer days
Favorite beverage: tea—iced tea, milk tea, bubble tea, chai tea, etcetc
Last movie I watched in a cinema: the giver
3 things I can’t live without: food, water, and shelter. but other than those…my phone, stationery, and art supplies.
Piece of advice for my followers: you are a fucking star. you have so much potential, and as long as you work hard towards whatever you want, you’ll succeed. even if there is luck involved, you just raised your chances by that much. no one begins a prodigy—those who are, if they didn’t make an effort to work at it even a little, they wouldn’t ever have been so successful. 

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Name: Sidney, last time i checked…
Nickname: sid…seed…plant…tree…leaves…roots…trunk…tree trunks…lolk
Birthday: 2nd of June
Gender: a shewolf
Sexuality: pancake
Height: the kid that could possibly drown at 4ft.
Time Zone: GMT+8
The time and date now: 1:26 AM.. 06-06-14
Average hours of sleep each night: weekends would give me 11 hrs..weekdays be like 3??
OTP’s: as wide as the pacific ocean
Last thing I googled
First word that comes to mind: sleep
One place that makes me happy and why: the bookstore… it smells so nice haha
How many blankets I sleep under: 3 maybe??? depends if i use the air conditioning or a fan…haha in the dormintory that is
Favourite beverage: milk~ that’s heaven..haha tea, i like those variwty of flavours too… um coffee..haha lattes…juices…basically anything but hard drinks…
The last movie I saw at the theatre was: Talk back and you’re dead
3 things I can’t live without: my bed, pillows, blankets, Marlon that dumbshit…haha um cuddly stuff, air conditioning, anime, food… 3 is too small..haha oh yeah..earphones!
Some advice for my followers: you are all beautiful and the flaws and imperfections we have only add to the beauty which is us being alive :) fuck med school like shit i have to frickin wake up 5 in the damn morning everyday ugh don’t take med school ;;
You have to listen to this song: [x]

i’ll be tagging random ppl lol kbye ~