The feels are hitting hard folks…Had to sketch out a thought..tears! tears!…tears!

Imagine, all this time it turns out that Beorn wasn’t the last Skin-changer in Middle-earth. What if Daisy, Azog’s warg was actually a Skin-changer as well? Imagine her having had left everything - forsaking all her kin to serve Azog in the form of a dirty, evil beast. Though no matter how much she loved him, she could never reveal her true self to him. She knows how he hated the skin-changers, but that didn’t deter her love for him. How it pained her to watch him make sport of her kin till the last of them was destroyed, how it pained her to stand by and watch as he took lover after lover in front of her. Then, Imagine that fateful day when he lay dieing on the battle field and she comes to him, and for the first time she reveals her true self. With the light quickly fading from his eyes, he looks at her, smiles weakly and says.” whatever took you so long, my love..my beautie.”


A guide to chopping off your hair: changing it up is fun (and cutting off bleaching damage)  but don’t get too hasty! If you want the best cut, you have some things to think about! 

my extra tips

  • be confident because hair is just hair. 
  • short hair does not make you any less of a “girl.” Men’s opinions on what length is sexy to them is 100% unimportant and unnecessary-> if you like short hair then go for it! 
  • take a picture that shares your hair type. don’t take in a picture of a curly hair bob if your hair is naturally straight because 1. i doubt you will curl every single day 2. your cut will be shaped different and look different
  • you will not every look just like the picture so don’t ever start. it will look beautiful on you and that’s the point. it’s your hair and your head :) 

My dad’s in the doctors right now and I’m waiting in the car park with mum and in the car next to us is a guy reading a book about Angelique Houtkamp, wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, with a fluffy alien hanging from his rearview mirror and just as I think this guy is my soul mate I need to say something, his gorgeous little grandma comes out of the doctors, he helps her into the car and drives out of my life forever.


Globs in the car on the way to the bay

The Blob is an essential monster movie, but its 1980’s update actually manages to be the better movie. Read more at Wicked Horror.

This might be a controversial one, but I stand by it. Chuck Russell’s The Blob is an amazing movie. It beats the original (which is great) in almost every way and perfectly subverts everything you think is going to happen. Check it out.