About a week ago somebody sent me a writing prompt about ghosts/afterlife AU of my ultimate OTP. I wrote about Ash and May of course. 

So what happened is that Ash stumbles into a old house and meets a ghost there with no name. This ghost is a little girl who is just interested in humans. They eventually become friends and Ash gives her a name, the name he gives her is May. 

Anyway I liked the prompt I drew this in response. I even thought a little bit more about it. Like Ash is a farmer’s boy and after one day, bored from looking after the farm with his father he stumbles into the old mansion. His been warn by locals not to go in there because there is a scary ghost in there. Anyway that is where Ash meets May and become good friends.

This scene is based off where May invites Ash to come out in the rain. He reminds her that he’ll get wet so she brings a coat and puts over them both (even if she won’t get wet). When the rain stops May notices a butterfly and loves it. She asks Ash what it is. Ash says its a butterfly and May loves it. Ash stays silent and just observe how innocent little ghost May is to the whole world. 

Story here: Link