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liam is watching a video about time as a dimension i am reflecting on my internalized racism while eating a sandwich and madeleine is watching pride and prejudice #liberalarts


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Work Wanted

Here I am, months later still telling people I just graduated. I already feel as though this excuse has become stale, as if I have been saying it for 7 months too long. And yet I cannot see myself responding any differently to the question, “what do you do” because calling upon my group identity as a student is the perfect evasion. It allows me to claim a state of discovery that is socially acceptable; identifying as a student extends the grace period before people expect me to define myself by some pre-established practice: doctor, engineer, artist. Not that I look down on these labels, I just cannot use them. Going to a college without majors means your educational experiences looks more like a web with many juicy-silk-wrapped flies stuck in it then a phylogenic tree, and describing this internal landscape takes more than a single signifier. There is no one term that makes bio-ethician/ strategist/ ecologist/ empiricist/ reader/ landscape architect/ listener/ feminist/ urban planner/ wildlife advocate/ curator/ post humanist/ bricoleur legible to others.

Despite the challenges of an unconventional college experience, I would not have it any other way. My liberal arts education was a beautiful time. It felt as though it existed outside of the economic logic that governs so much of our society (as long as you could skate past soaring tuition costs, which is increasingly doubtful). One of the attributes that you cultivate there is a self-aware eye and a habit of questioning assumptions. These things arguably made me a better person but made it difficult to find work that allows me to activate this bettering in the world. You become so critical that even charity reveals itself to be a function of systemic violence against under-represented groups, how then do you find organizations whose interventions in the world you can actually stand behind. Leaving this special world of analytical exploration can be rather painful, but some people are more amenable to organizing their lives around economic concerns than others. I am not sure where I lie on this spectrum. I am skeptical yet still trying to find a way that I can sustain some of this culture in my post-grad life with work that aligns with my ethics. I have had to work prior to graduating, I am simultaneously grateful and resentful that my college education was punctuated by work. However the work I did was informal or familial and in some ways contributed to making the switch into formal work in the public sphere more daunting. Sadly, I am not sure I am succeeding in interweaving my economic needs with my ethics. But I feel I must keep trying.

The times that I have been able to best articulate my future interests are when another person engaged me beyond small talk. Together we create some temporary definition, a series of questions and a collage of few fields that come close. But, more often than not when I try explaining the kind of work I envision myself doing the conversation begins to get thin and I see the other person’s gaze turn inward. I think that many of the people who ask me what work I want to do, see my relative youth and ambiguous answer as an anxiety that needs calming. However it is the ambiguity that excites me. It means that my work will emerge from the liminal spaces. Between craft, politics, academia, and science. Life is always more diverse and dynamic on the edges of two landscapes and thus my work will be in flux, formed and reformed by the interaction of these distinct sectors. I cannot say today what it will be called for its name will change tomorrow. I believe I can create my practice from a passion shaped by collaboration with other analytical, yet moral thinkers. Right now I feel like I am trying to build a slide puzzle with only a few pieces… I am scooting them around, up and down in different configurations but no image will emerge from just a few pieces.

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1964 #PBKBookAwards winners holding their winning titles with #PhiBetaKappa President Whitney Oates. From left: Verne Grant, Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science, “The Origin of Adaptations,” Walter Jackson Bate, Christian Gauss Award, “John Keats,” and Thomas F. Gossett, Ralph Waldo Emerson Award, “Race: The History of An Idea in America” #tbt #throwbackthursday #books #history #literature #science #liberalarts #humanities #awards (at Phi Beta Kappa Society)

The Hunger Jobs

Hunger Jobs For every 15 applications you’ll receive 1 call for an interview. Today getting a job is a very precise process, patience is necessary every step of the way…

Whoa! Woowee! It is tough out there! I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, everybody has heard it, but have you felt it? The feeling of dread, annoyance, anticipation, nervousness, rejection, perseverance, and the feeling of doing it all over the next day and the day after that and the month after that and the month after that. It’s exhausting as that run-on sentence was to read. Really. 

So here I am…

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“I have to take a World Language, Philosophy, and Theology to graduate?”

             As a senior, looking in to the future, I am realizing why it was so important to have made the choice of a Liberal Arts Education, and venturing to Alvernia University. Around the United States, many political powers are sharing that they are cutting funding for liberal arts in many schools in their town or state.  They feel that it is not important for students to have classes such as art, music, and theatre as a part of their curriculum.  As a soon to be graduate of a Liberal Arts Education based college, one can only find this to be counter productive to what their future employers are asking for.

            Peer mentoring for a class of freshmen, is not only entertaining, but also very useful as a senior in college. I get a chance to look back at what I was concerned about as a first year student differing from what I am apprehensive about as a senior.  Our topic a couple days ago was how a liberal arts education is important for the “real world” one day. Many of my students and previous students from years past always ask, “Why do I have to take classes that have nothing to do with my major?”  To start the topic of conversation, we watched this video from CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, about why the liberal arts matter. (Check it out Here! http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2014/05/24/why-the-liberal-arts-matter/) He explains 3 main points as to what a liberal arts education means to students, and one day their employers. “How to write, how to speak, and how to learn,” outline the core and underlining positive attributes that the educational based curriculum entails.

            At Alvernia, I can see how these three main ideas take part in our education every day. When first arriving to class, each student is given a syllabus. This syllabus shares what is required for the students to accomplish during that specific course. Many Professors require students to have a written grade, a test taking portion, and a participation percentage.  The idea is that if we have these 3 things taking part in a percentage of our grade for each of our classes, it will cause us to critically be thinking about each of the classes and subjects. Now, when students have the 3 grade parts in their philosophy and theology classes; world language classes; along with their major classes; it allows the students to have an in-depth understanding about not only our major classes, but classes that are outside of our main area of study. This is a HUGE benefit for the student when speaking about topics around the world, but also when entering a job in the future.

            According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, under The Economic Case for Liberal Education, “There is a demand for engaged and informed citizens, who are knowledgeable about themselves and the world.“ They also state “95% of employers say that a candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important that their undergraduate major.” With the Liberal Arts education, it gives you the tools for communicating, critical thinking skills, and how to solve complex problems. This is because it is not only giving you the knowledge for lets say your management course, but also your psychology course to under stand how people respond to your management style, or their buying decision for a marketing course. Even for majors that are extremely specific with the classes that they take, such a nursing, having a liberal arts education can benefit them in their workforce. Most of my nursing friends are able to give fantastic presentations because of having a speech course. Or in their future nursing careers, they were the one to share with other nurses that because of patient x’s religion, they should be handling the patient x in a different way.

            With Alvernia University giving me the background of this valuable liberal arts core, I find myself placing knowledge that I learned in those core classes to my senior level marketing classes. Since I am finding ways to contribute my liberal arts classes to these courses, I can only imagine the never-ending possibilities of how I can use this foundational education for my future career, and life.

November 10th - #IDoThisEveryDay and I hate it. Studying for #Anatomy got old on the first day…but still I read…and study…and study….when I should be reading for English Seminar….but instead I read about the functions of Erythrocytes…otherwise if I didn’t read…I’d have an F….#blood #college #menvswomen #fatmumslim #senior #IAmNotPreMed #IAmADamnWriter #ExerciseScience #reading #textbooks #LiberalArts

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